Outposts Travel Africa is a big fan of Zulucow, a socially conscious company that provides unique, high quality, natural and sustainable cowhide products and accessories ‘Out of Africa’. Founder Lucy is native to Zimbabwe and set up Zulucow to create sustainable employment opportunities and to help develop skills of those living in rural communities in South Africa.

We’d like to share Lucy’s latest news with you:


Earlier in October, I flew out to South Africa to catch up with the Zulucow ladies who finely craft Zulucow’s cowhide interiors, bags and accessories. It was an intense 3-day business visit. (If you follow my Instagram feed you will have seen that all the bras donated by Zulucow customers were received rapturously! Thank you for all your kind donations – they really do mean a lot to these ladies; who don’t have spare cash for luxuries for themselves.

It was quite apparent that South Africa’s economy is deteriorating; petrol prices are rising monthly and the ladies complained of increased food and electricity prices. It was emotional at times as they explained how valuable their jobs in the workshop are: to sustain their extended families.

I thought that Zulucow could help by sponsoring some of the ladies’ children through school, (education is after all the route out of poverty) but they mostly live in a remote rural village with a free school; so instead Zulucow paid for 8 children’s school uniforms, writing books and stationery.

Africa is harsh; there are no safety nets. These women really rely on their jobs as seamstresses. So, thank you for your continued support. Every time you order a Zulucow product, you are helping to keep these ladies’ jobs alive.