If you are looking for a holiday in Africa with a difference we have just the thing. Unlike other safari experiences in Kenya, we want to offer an opportunity for you that is deeply meaningful, that positively impacts the local Maasai community, the surrounding wildlife and the critical ecosystem they all call home – a safari with a purpose.

We would highly recommend a stay at Campi ya Kanzi, a wonderful safari lodge located in the beautiful Chyulu Hills of Kenya. It is widely recognized as one of the most inspiring and eco-friendly safari experiences in Africa and is the only safari lodge on a Maasai-owned reserve spanning 283,000 acres of pristine wilderness.

They have recently included some extra activities that can be added to your stay. All the funds go directly to the programs of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (a community based organization in Kenya working to protect and preserve the Maasai heritage, beautiful wildlife and critical surrounding ecosystem.) Activities include:


Available throughout the year.
3 days – 4 guests maximum – $1,000 pp
Led by MWCT Simba Scouts & Lion Researcher

Drive out to check GPS clusters of lion data and learn how Simba Scouts identify areas where lions have eaten or rested. Enjoy guided drives with a Lion Researcher to learn how to identify physical traits of different lions within the area. Experience first-hand a day in the life of an MWCT Community Ranger by participating in anti-poaching patrols and learn how to use the tools they work with to monitor and protect the area.


Available February 2019.
This is exclusively done once a year only.
1- 3 days, 2 guests maximum – $10,000 pp
Led by the Lion Researcher & collaring team

An extremely unique & meaningful opportunity for any guest that wants the experience to witness real conservation work first hand in the field. Learn how MWCT uses the data from the collars to help mitigate human-wildlife conflict and protect both the community and the lion population. Get a front row seat at all of the action, from the preparations to the actual mission of collaring a lion. Be armed with patience, as it is easier said than done! The mission is done at night, from dusk to dawn.


Available October & April.
This is exclusively done twice a year only
1 guest maximum – $4,000 pp
Led by the MWCT Aerial Census team

An early wake up call and briefing at the airstrip with the MWCT team and pilots. Guests will be taught how the census works, which species are being counted and how each role of every member works together to gather the most accurate data. You will get in the co-pilot seat and carry out the mission, which entails up to 6 hours of (low level) flying.