We are always searching for new and exciting experiences for our clients in Africa. Photographic safaris are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or absolute beginner we can make recommendations to suit you. We can highly recommend a number of specialist operators in Africa who offer a wonderful setup with professional photographic guides and equipment. Their ethos is that you leave them with a wonderful photographic memory of your trip and, if you are curious, learn something on the way. It’s NOT like going to school!

If you are interested in learning more about photographic safaris in Africa, please find some examples below or simply contact us and we can send you some suggestions.

12 Day Photographic Safari | Vic Falls & Botswana

Outposts Travel Africa arranged a 12 day photographic safari holiday in Botswana for a couple who were interested in improving their photography skills on holiday. We used Pangolin Photo Safaris as our in country suppliers who are specialists in photographic safaris in Botswana & Kenya in Africa.

“Full marks in all categories.”

“We had many wildlife experiences and the chance to take photos with expert tuition and knowledgeable guides. We loved every minute at Khwai Camp. A wonderful experience of wildlife and a chance to learn some of the finer points of wildlife photography using good equipment. We particularly enjoyed the wildlife, especially the big cats and the houseboat on the Chobe River.”

C. Knox

UK, October 2019

Photographic Safaris in Botswana

A photographic safari in Botswana is a wonderful way to experience this destination. We have a firm belief that everyone is, or at least has the potential to be, a wildlife photographer. All that is required is the means to take a picture, a camera and a photography expert to show you how to use it.

Photographic safaris are very popular in Botswana due to the wildlife density and the relaxed attitude animals have around vehicles and boats. Join a small group photography tour and combine the extraordinary wildlife of the Okavango Delta with the stark beauty of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. Or visit Chobe National Park, one of the best year-round wildlife photography destination in Africa. Here you have the option to photograph from the land as well as the water on custom photo boats. You can expect great predator sightings and spectacular bird life along with the largest elephant population in Africa.

Contact us to arrange your tailor-made photographic safari in Botswana suited to your budget and personal requirements.

Photographic Safaris in Kenya

Kenya is an ideal destination for a photographic safari. The endless concentration of wildlife in the vast open savannah plains of the Maasai Mara offers exclusive wildlife viewing opportunities. Search the bush for prides of lions, enjoy the pleasures of small and authentic safari bush camps and hone your photography skills under expert tuition. You can join like-minded people on a photographic small group tour or have one-to-one photographer tuition with your own guide.

A photographic safari is a wonderful way to experience the African wilderness without the presence of other tourist vehicles and with the personal attention of an expert photographer. On safari, you can expect private open-sided 4×4 safari vehicles custom built to ensure your comfort and safety with experienced driver-guides. Each photographer would have an entire row in the vehicle to themselves which will allow photographing from each side of the vehicle to capture the perfect shot.

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Photographic Safaris in Namibia

A photographic safari in Namibia offers a feast of wildlife, scenery and culture. It is truly a photographer’s dream with huge sand dunes, vast and spectacular deserts and a wide variety of unique birds and wildlife that have adapted to the desert environment. Join a small group tour led by professional Wildlife and Landscape Photographers that can share their intricate knowledge and secrets on how to capture the best possible photographs in Namibia.

From uniquely shaped trees and spectacular rock formations to colourful flamingos and sand diving lizards, Namibia is one of the most spectacular Landscape and Wildlife Photo destinations in the world. Namibia is also the ideal place for night photography with stunning star filled night skies in the Namib Desert. Specialised safari vehicles are perfectly equipped for photographic safaris, complete with custom made kit as well as invertors and sockets for charging electronic equipment and batteries.

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