Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed a roller coaster transformation to living life as we know it due to the Pandemic caused by COVID-19. The travel Industry and many others have been (temporarily) felled but we are all working away doing our best to make good come out of bad. We are all in this together and fighting hard for our futures, but the priority is the safety and health of our families and loved ones, and to listen to, and act upon the lessons we are learning. We ask you to understand that the survival of the travel industry is absolutely key for the preservation of our wild places, which are essential for all humanity, so go back to travelling when you can.

Many of our in-country suppliers have made adjustments to Terms and Conditions of travel to try and cater to the changing dynamics. Our priority is to look after all guests and to ensure minimal impact on intended future travel plans. We are dealing with each booking on a case by case basis and being as clear as possible about options, especially cancellation policies. We are encouraging our clients to postpone rather than cancel any safaris that have been booked if possible.

There is little indication at this stage as to how long this situation will go on for. We still long for you to take-in the fresh air and magic of Africa and create everlasting memories. We don’t want this pandemic to get the better of us.

Keep safe, take care of one another, and we hope to hear from you in pursuit of wilderness soon.


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