A walking safari in Africa is quite unlike any other safari activity. Together with conventional game viewing by vehicle, a walking safari provides indelible memories of the scents and sounds of wild Africa.

We can highly recommend Maasai Trails in Kenya as a wonderful walking safari option. Maasai Trails is all about enhancing ones understanding of a different culture, exploration, and escaping into a world of breath-taking beauty. Your guides are local Maasai from the Loita area, who are eager to share their customs and culture, whilst teaching you the lore of the bush. The Loita Maasai who lead you on these trails, are reputed to be the most conservative of this tribe, dedicated to their traditions, ceremonies and rites of passage. As a people, the Maasai have struggled over the years to maintain their culture and have shied away from large scale developments and lodges that comprise other parts of Eastern Africa… thus is the beauty of Maasai Trails.

The Trails vary in number of days and group size. All trails begin from Jan’s Camp where the donkeys who carry the camp are weighed and packed. Whether you choose to walk into the sacred Loita forest to a hidden waterfall, to the edge of the Great Rift Valley or combine all the trails, the beauty of these Maasai Trails is the flexibility. Maasai Trails – Fact Sheet >


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