You could say this baby rhino is the lucky one.

Sadly separated from his mother at birth due to her inability to produce milk, he was fortunately rescued by Leanne, wildlife manager, and Paul Huber, wildlife vet at Ant Africa Safaris in the Waterberg. Now 4 months old, he is thriving, drinking up to 10 litres of milk a day, and has become part of the family, with the dog and a goat as constant companions.

The story of this rhino calf mercifully does not start with a poaching. There is no record of the rhino calves left traumatised and often wounded as they witness their mothers being slaughtered. Since 2007, nearly 10,000 rhinos have been taken in South Africa alone. Rhino orphanages offer sanctuary to those calves that are rescued but there is no number known for those that may perish before they are found.

ONE OF MANY, a film by Harry Hough, aims to create awareness of the continuing poaching crisis and what it is like to raise a calf. This baby rhino named Tyson (after the ranger that found him) has become a symbol of hope for the species, a demonstration of the courage and trust shown by these magnificent animals.

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