We thought our readers might like to hear some good news from Kenya. We are thrilled to announce another three rhino births on Borana Conservancy in Laikipia, Kenya.

Two female black rhino were born in August and September with another male white rhino being born in October. This brings the rhino population on the Lewa-Borana Landscape to 240 with a total of 27 rhino births in 2021.

A booming rhino population accompanied by exceptional leopard, cheetah and lion sightings make for incredible wildlife viewing. Borana Conservancy is home to The Big Five and many more, complemented by breathtaking scenery with Mt Kenya as the star of the show.

By staying at Borana Lodge or Lengishu House guests are having a positive impact on wildlife conservation, securing sustainable habitat and building local livelihoods.

Borana Conservancy has released its annual newsletter which gives details about all the conservation efforts on Borana and beyond. For information on healthcare, education, wildlife conservation and more, click below.


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