At Outposts Travel Africa, we are always keen to promote and support conservation initiatives in Africa. We’d like to share with you the latest news from Oana Namibiaan organisation operating on Oana Nature Reserve in Namibia which funds the management of the reserve and all the conservation initiatives.

Their mission is to re-wild farmland in the Namibian Deep South through adventure conservation, expeditions and wellness retreats. All the profits made go directly back into conservation programs on the reserve. Wildlife habitats are under enormous pressure and need to be conserved urgently before they are lost forever. Oana’s wildlife conservation approach combines habitat management, wildlife reintroductions and translocations, monitoring programmes, as well as relevant research to inform conservation actions. Oana Nature Reserve requires total rehabilitation including the reintroduction of wildlife that has become locally extinct for a variety of reasons. Oana’s work is moving towards providing food security, better health and improved lives for humans and wildlife.