Celebrating 50 years of Adventure in Comfort

1972 – 2022

To celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Lewa Wilderness in Kenya this month we suggest leaving the car behind for a morning and embarking on a ‘bush walk’ with their trained walking guides.

Having ‘in-house’ guides who are legally allowed to carry a firearm and who have undergone extensive training, as well has having grown up surrounded by wildlife means that walks are always available and right from their front door!

There is nothing more exhilarating than following the fresh tracks of a leopard from the night before and heading in to the wilderness…


Fred is a completely wild male reticulated giraffe, who has decided to make the Lewa Wilderness lodge his home! Fred has been around for quite some time, inside the boundary fence but it is only recently that he became brave enough to venture in to the lodge, and now he is a regular visitor!

Despite his relaxed attitude, we ask guests that they just do not get too close!




Sadly with still no rain, and very little during the last few rainy months across Kenya, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is becoming increasingly dry. As a result of this some of the wildlife is beginning to struggle and feeding stations are being established.

Lewa are buying hay from nearby farms to help support the grazing animals in nearby areas, and also cutting a specific type of euphorbia for the rhinos. They set up a night camera to see which rhinos where enjoying these tasty snacks the most, and it appears that WaiWai and her calf (left) and a male called Barry (right) have been visiting regularly!

To learn more about Lewa Wildlife Conservancy’s supplementary feeding programme: click HERE.



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