The #MaraNaiboishoConservancy in Kenya is one of many wonderful projects that are in dire straits because of the cancellation of Tourism due to COVID19.  This is the case all over Africa, where people spend their lives in the pursuit of balancing human interaction with the natural world. This appeal gives a really good incite into the important work these conservation projects do all over Africa to sustain the people and secure the safety and continuation of the animals we all love to see and enjoy whilst on safari.  This synergy between the travellers, the suppliers, the travel agents and all who work in the business, right down to the invaluable cleaners and bottle washers are reliant on this circle of life keeping rolling forward and delivering.

If you remember fondly your last safari or look forward to your first please dive into your pockets and donate anything you can spare. Even a little goes a long way in Africa. This will ensure that this beautiful country will remain so, with people with food for their families and animals that are looked after and “conserved” in their natural environment.

Thank you and do share.


The abrupt loss of tourism due to the COVID-19 pandemic is devastating for the people and wildlife that depend on Mara Naboisho Conservancy. That’s why we’re coming together, from afar, to support the Conservancy through the COVID-19 crisis. 613 Maasai families receive a monthly financial lifeline from Mara Naboisho Conservancy, bringing tangible, shared benefits to more than 5000 people. In return, an area of 50,000 hectares is dedicated for the protection and free movement of wildlife.

Naboisho means “Coming Together” in the local Maasai language and the conservancy was created on the promise that wildlife and humans can not only co-exist, but thrive. 10 years later, the once overgrazed and fragmented land is now a safe haven for all animals, and has one of the highest densities of lions in Africa. The success of the Conservancy is under  threat, without funding from responsible tourism the model falls apart. The Maasai people depend on Mara Naboisho Conservancy as their only source of income. The wildlife depends on rangers to combat poaching and protected areas to survive.

That is why we are asking you-our past guests and friends, to come together to help save the Mara Naboisho Conservancy. We are acutely aware that this is a challenging time for everyone, and any contribution is greatly appreciated. If you’re not able to DONATE now, then please SHARE the campaign with your friends and family to spread the word.