In response to our latest newsletter detailing current conservation initiatives across Africa, we wanted to share some good news from Kicheche, one of our trusted suppliers in Kenya. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to you for the support and generosity in the Kicheche Conservancy Guardian Appeal. The campaign, launched on 15th May 2020, raised a whopping total of US$136,730 and to all supporters, they are truly indebted. Here is a summary of the funds received and the work it enabled.

$100,000 of the total was raised through “Credit the conservancy” (advance payment on future booking) and a further US$36,594 has been raised via “Protect an acre” donation to Kicheche Community Trust.

The funds have allowed the conservancies to sustain the rangers’ salaries and welfare. It also covers predator monitoring as well as necessary maintenance. Critically patrols can continue daily ensuring the protection of the wildlife habitat from poaching and over-grazing as well as safeguarding the ecosystem.

Conservancy landowners have also been receiving half lease payments thanks to all your incredible support. The conservancies still need protection and Kicheche believe with continuous support from you, the future is promising.


Conservation Initiatives in Africa