We have received excellent feedback & some wonderful images from clients who have recently returned from their holiday to Kenya. We organised a 14 day safari & beach itinerary for them combining Ekorian’s Mugie & Offbeat Mara & ending with some R&R at Diani Blue at the coast. They were some of the lucky ones that travelled just in time. With much of the world currently in lockdown, here is a reminder of the delights of Africa.

14 Day Safari & Beach Holiday | Kenya

“Having gone through all my photos, I couldn’t decide which ones to send you so have probably sent far too many. However, I did just want to reiterate that you could not have organised a more brilliant holiday for us. It was absolutely perfect, we just loved both camps (Ekorian’s Mugie & Offbeat Mara), very different but both with the most wonderful staff, and both camps with such charm but very different in their own way. Then Diani Blue was the icing on the cake and so bijou, and again, such lovely, lovely staff. It really was paradise, with the most beautiful turquoise seas and a white sandy never-ending beach in both directions. We just feel so lucky to have had such a holiday in view of what is happening in the world and I just hope that everything gets back to normal in the not too distant future. It’s heartbreaking to think of how this virus is effecting so many people.”

– Diana Chappell, UK, February 2020

On Safari – Ekorian’s Mugie & Offbeat Mara

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kenya-chappell-feb-2020-34 kenya-chappell-feb-2020-16



At the Coast – Diani Blue

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kenya-chappell-feb-2020-12 kenya-chappell-feb-2020-30

Kenya Holiday Inspiration