We are delighted to share this extraordinary conservation safari opportunity in Kenya to discover and explore some of the true wonders of this planet.


26 Sept – 6 Oct 2022 (10 nights/11 days) | Kenya

Led and curated by Conservationist and Marine Biologist Julie Church, Seas4Life.

Journeying alongside top scientists who are making ground-breaking findings in areas of climate change, pollination and much more.

Biologist Julie Church, Palaeontologist Dr. Louise Leakey and Marine Mammal scientist Dr. Tim Collins.

This safari presents an opportunity to observe the fossil and archaeological evidence of human development. Witness a diverse collection of dinosaur and reptilian vertebrate fossils, delve into the evolution of elephants, rhinos, carnivores, giraffes, pigs and the ancestors of the old world monkeys and apes.

From the Lake Turkana Basin through Northern dryland forests teaming with elephants, to the deep blue ocean and waterways…this journey will take you for a deep dive into the exploration and conservation of our ocean creatures and showcase the lesser-known destinations in Africa‚Äôs wildernesses, forests, seas and waterways.

Your travel matters, and will support local communities, protect forests and wildernesses, and fund valuable marine research.

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How to Book

Places are limited so if you are interested in booking your place on this safari, please contact DD Kingscote:
Email: dd.kingscote@outposts.co.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 1823 452160