In terms of a holiday after COVID-19 you may be looking for remote, off the beaten track and away from the crowds. Well look no further than a holiday in Africa. We expect to see an increase in people travelling to small, eco-friendly lodges and looking at alternative destinations to the more common ones. After all, who wants to share a lion sighting with 50 other cars on the tarmac roads of Kruger when you could have the sighting, and even the safari vehicle all to yourself in Kafue National Park (Zambia) or Liwonde National Park (Malawi)?

This is the perfect time to look into booking a holiday to Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. With private islands, private houses and small private camps for those worrying about mixing with people. We can’t control the international flights but we can guarantee a few weeks of wild seclusion in some of Africa’s best wildlife and beach spots for the ultimate getaway. Have a look below for some tempting ideas.

Exclusive Use Experience



If the bush is the best place to isolate, a private house seems like the best place to do it. With several private houses across Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, why not take the family and make the most of having your own space. Enjoy your own team of staff looking after you, private activities and on your own schedule. Seclude with your loved ones and a few 4 legged friends!

Private House Itinerary



If a private house seems not quite private enough, why not a private island? With several along the Mozambique coastline, Lake Malawi shoreline and even a few in Zambia within the rivers, it might be the perfect way to escape the bad news and feel safe in your own little bubble!

Private Island Itinerary