The answer is YES.

As we see more bookings postpone or confirm into 2022, we still have a safari season this year and travel across Africa remains relatively straight forward. For vaccinated travellers with limited home-country restrictions, 2021 is the year to travel.

One of our trusted suppliers is away at the moment, travelling for 2 weeks with her daughters around South Africa and Mozambique. Amidst the looming uncertainty of level 4 lock down in South Africa, we thought it would be a good time to share her review on the ups and downs of getting around and the reality of being in the camps and lodges.

Travel now

Be respectful. Stay safe. Keep travelling.

By Suzanne Bayly-Coupe

Before leaving home, I have to admit that I was anxious. It was not just me on one of my single missions, now I had my kids, our holiday expectations, and the reality of regional and international travel logistics to manage.


  • For regional flights around Southern Africa I highly recommend AIRLINK, they have the best access and continue to fly. And yes you need to wear your mask at all times.
  • Before entering a new ‘bubble” I recommend that each person undertakes a Rapid PCR test, even if you are vaccinated. We need to know we are arriving “Covid Clean” into a new environment.
  • Respect local communities. Even if you are vaccinated, feel safe, or less concerned about contracting the virus, keep in mind this might not be the same thoughts of the people with whom you are engaging. Wear a mask, if not for your own protection, out of respect for those around you.
  • Getting PCR tests (for international flights) is easy from the camps, but do check on the costs as these can be an unexpected sting.
  • I strongly suggest getting comprehensive travel insurance with CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason). This is available at a cost. As we are not insurance brokers we are not making any recommendations on who to use.
Travel is resuming. Bookings are coming in. Africa is ready.

Please contact us for any assistance we can offer in planning your next holiday to Africa.