Scheduled departure tours are perfect for travellers on a tight budget. Joining as part of group offers a great, cost effective way to travel across Africa incorporating friendship, fun and adventure plus the security that group travel brings.

With guaranteed departure dates throughout the year, we have a range of tours for you to choose from to suit your interests and budget including:

  • Camping Tours
  • Accommodated Tours
  • Small Group Tours


  • Do you have a large family or group of friends that you would like to travel with?
  • Perhaps you are looking to celebrate a special occasion?
  • Does your company want to run its own set of branded series tours?

Outposts Travel Africa can organise all of this for you, and more. Whether you are looking for an air-conditioned bus, an adventure truck, a minivan or a 4 x 4 safari vehicle, we can tailor make a tour for you to ensure that your dream holiday takes in everything you’re expecting from it.

A tailor made tour is like a made-to-order holiday. You have the freedom to create your dream holiday from scratch (without worrying about the nitty gritty). From keen birders, scuba divers, conservationists, volunteers, photographers, surfers, medical adventurers, hikers, bikers, historians and geologists – no matter what your speciality is, we can tailor-make accordingly.


If you’re a solo traveller looking to explore Africa, then Outposts Travel Africa is here for you. Whatever your age and however experienced or inexperienced a traveller you are, you will be more than welcome as a solo traveller on one of our scheduled departure or small group tours.


Our small group tours offer a fantastic, affordable way to explore southern and East Africa with a maximum of 12 passengers on 24-seater truck tours. Imagine all that space, window access and personalised attention from the guides. As we like to say, 12 people in a 12-seater vehicle is not a small group. Space is at a premium and a big advantage of small groups should be space and room to stretch out. 12 people in a 24 seater offers all that and more.

You will travel in a luxury adventure truck complete with leather seats, air-conditioning, personal electronic safes, USB & power outlets and on-board lavatory to experience some of the best and most diversified landscapes, fauna and flora in Africa.


Our team are on hand to help plan your escorted tour to Africa.