We have included a small sample of some ongoing conservation initiatives across Africa. Most of these projects only affect a small area but they are of paramount importance. By continuing working towards conservation and education they build a platform for the future. If you are not able to travel to Africa but feel you want to spread your love and do something really positive, please help one of these projects, or find another you want to support. A financial helping hand, however small, will be truly appreciated.

Current Conservation Initiatives


Gamewatchers Safaris in Kenya have introduced an ‘Adopt-an-Acre’ plan as a result of the global Coronavirus Pandemic and growing concern about the welfare of the Maasai communities who depend on the income from tourism in the conservancies, as well as the future of these important areas of protected wildlife habitat.

Through the “Adopt-an-Acre” plan, supporters can adopt an acre of land in the conservancies for a year with a donation to the Wildlife Habitat Trust which has been set up as a fund to help to pay the staff wages until the camps re-open. It also ensures the rents for the land leases to the Maasai families continue to be paid so they can survive and  the conservancies can continue to exist. The Trust is audited by a reputable firm of auditors in Nairobi, Grant Thornton Kenya, so that contributors can be confident that all the money is going direct to the Maasai community.


Each month Offbeat Riding Safaris and Offbeat Mara Camp, along with 11 other Tourism Partners directly fund the Mara North Conservancy (MNC) – transparently paying over 700 individual Maasai families and providing the management, maintenance and security of the Conservancy.

With very little income from tourism over the last few months, they are continually faced with the challenge of keeping the wildlife safe as well as supporting the local communities with dwindling reserves. This wonderful Conservancy, co-founded by Tristan, Piers and others, that our clients have enjoyed over the years is now under threat. The Maasai Community are largely supported by tourism. They depend on us, with your support, to provide them with this income; in order to protect the land and the huge numbers of wildlife that come with it.

Offbeat have successfully launched an “Adopt a Plot” campaign to help safeguard the Mara North Conservancy and we need your continued support.


Kicheche and neighbouring communities in Kenya are working tirelessly on a plan for the next year, to ensure their conservancies remain secure and intact despite the dramatic drop in tourist arrivals. They are initiating the Conservancy Guardians Appeal, concentrating solely on covering critical conservancy costs: rangers salaries, welfare and medical, predator monitoring and patrol costs.

This scheme assists them in underwriting conservancy land leases for a year, so the priceless conservancy birth right remains intact. Kicheche have already protected 10,000 acres through their Conservancy Guardian Appeal. This will make a colossal difference to the protection of these priceless acres.


Sponsor a Ranger. Stop a Poacher. Save a Species. Project Ranger will fill a critical gap in the wildlife monitoring, surveying, and anti-poaching operations of existing NGO’s in Africa through an emergency fund supporting those on the front-lines of conservation. Contributions from private individuals, foundations, and corporate partners will supplement budget deficits with local ground partners by funding salaries, training, and operations of wildlife monitors, rangers and anti-poaching personnel.


Conservancy Safaris Namibia is a community owned company of more than 3000 Himba and Herero people. In five conservancies in the magnificent north-west Kunene Region of Namibia, the rural people you will meet on your safari are the people who own the company. They are your hosts and all profits go to these people so you know you are making a real difference. The experience is authentic, intimate and exclusive.

CSN offer flexible tours with no set itineraries. As a guest, you will be helping to secure a future for wildlife and its custodians and will take home lifelong memories of awe-inspiring untamed landscapes, its wild animals and the remarkable and the resourceful people who live there. Outposts Travel Africa can arrange your holiday to Namibia with CSN. Please Contact Us for more information.


Remote Africa Safaris is a longstanding owner-run safari operation based in Zambia’s wildlife honeypot, the Luangwa Valley. Like everyone in the tourism industry, their operation and all the livelihoods connected to it have come under huge threat and they, like many others, are looking at the daunting prospect of a zero income year for 2020.

Tourism is a huge contributor to Luangwa’s local communities, flora and fauna and without it, they fear the impact will be terrible. Despite this, they are striving to ensure the preservation of their piece of paradise through the Tafika Fund, their community project since 1998. The Tafika Fund aims to continue funding initiatives for education and the clinic in their local village as well as funding scout patrols in their area of the park.


Tujatane, meaning let us all hold hands together, was set up in 1996 by Vanessa Parker. Originally there were just 15 pre school pupils and now there are over 280 ranging from pre-school to grade nine. The school focuses a lot on community and all of the children live in the surrounding Samonga area and have parents who work at Tongabezi lodge. The Green Safaris Foundation continue to support children to finish their whole educational schooling up until grade 12 and even on to University. The school is funded through international donations. The school has an ICT room, an amphitheatre and an art room.

The school closed when Covid hit and remained closed until the middle of September. The Foundation has continued to support and interact with the children. They ran a food support and hand outs for the students and the community. They also educated them in what Covid is and ensuring that people feel safe.


Imvelo Safari Lodges, Zimbabwe are on the front line of helping raise money for school meal feeding for children in the rural areas adjacent to Hwange NP as well as pumping 15 water holes along the South East of Hwange NP to protect up to 10,000 elephant and wildlife dependent on these lifelines. They get NO help from the government and these are desperate times.