Why choose Rwanda?

Rwanda is a land of contrasts: its undulating hills, tea plantations and high-altitude mountain rainforests tower above vast savannahs and grasslands, lakes, swamps and rivers – teeming with wildlife. Its people are artistic, colourful and friendly and pride themselves on their community and eco-based approach to tourism.

Many visit ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’ to see its infamous Mountain Gorillas. Volcanoes National Park, with its misty rainforest, giant trees, vines and thundering waterfalls is home to Dian Fosseys beloved ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ and also her final resting place. Nearly one-third of the world’s remaining Mountain Gorillas live here and they are protected from poachers.

Aside from the Gorillas, Rwanda is a surprisingly diverse country with plenty to occupy a longer holiday including three national parks, a thriving capital city, stunning mountain scenery and an array of wildlife.

Places to visit

Akagera National Park

Situated on the Tanzanian border, Akagera has a vast savannah with herds of buffalo, giraffe, zebra and antelope. The illusive leopard and packs of hyena can be seen on night drives and the Mutumba Hills standing at 2,000m provide spectacular views over a labyrinth of expansive lakes and swamps.

Lake Kivu

One of Africa’s Great Lakes, Lake Kivu lies on the border between Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Here you can enjoy lake fishing, canoeing and swimming in clear blue waters and it makes for a perfect place to pause en route between Nyungwe and Volcanoes National Parks.

Congo Nile Trail

For the adventurous explorer. Take on the 227 km Congo Nile Trail along the length of Lake Kivu: 8 amazing base camps, two extra-ordinary paths and four bonus sub trails. Hike it in 10 days, bike it in 5 days, or drive it by 4x4 in 3 days!

Nyungwe National Park

Visit Africa's highest Mountain Rainforest home to habituated Chimpanzees, Black & White Colobus Monkeys & other primates. View the rainforest from above via the Canopy Walk, the only one of its kind in East Africa. It offers an unrivalled perspective of the incredible biodiversity of this rain forest with its 280 species of birds.


Kigali is the Capital of Rwanda and prides itself on being one of the cleanest cities in Africa. A visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial will help you to understand the tragic aspects of this country’s past.

Volcanoes National Park

Home to Dian Fosseys beloved 'Gorillas in the Mist’, Volcanoes National Park is a must visit on your holiday to Rwanda and features magnificent views and lush forests.

When to visit Rwanda

Rwanda has a pleasant tropical highland climate albeit with plenty of rain. Temperatures vary considerably between locations depending on their altitude. Rwanda has a long rainy season (March to May) and a long dry season (June to mid-September). The short rainy season (October to November) is followed by a short dry season (December to February). For Gorilla tracking, the best time to visit Rwanda is during the short dry season or over the long dry season. These periods offer by far the easiest hiking conditions and the lowest malaria risk. For chimpanzee tracking, the best time to go to Rwanda is during the two rainy seasons as the chimps are easier to locate as food is more readily available.

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We recommend Rwanda for…


 Rwanda is well known as a primate safari destination. It is renowned not just for its Mountain Gorillas but also for many other species of primate including Colobus Monkeys, Golden Monkeys and Chimpanzees.


Gorilla tracking in Rwanda is often described as a “life changing” experience. With only an estimated 800 gorillas left in the world, seeing these gentle creatures in their natural habitat is a very special experience.


Rwanda is perfect for the active traveller. Blessed with volcanoes, montane rainforest and sweeping plains, it offers the ideal destination for trekking, birding, primate tracking and cultural interaction.

Rwanda Primate Safaris

Rwanda is well known as a primate safari destination. It is renowned not just for its Mountain Gorillas but also for many other species of primate including Colobus Monkeys, Golden Monkeys and Chimpanzees.

Volcanoes National Park is world famous for its rich biodiversity and of course, its Mountain Gorillas. It was the first National Park to be created in Africa in the magnificent Virunga Mountains. Situated on the border of Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda the park consist of six Volcanoes and a dense expanse of mountain forest. It’s one of only three places in the world where you may meet these majestic mammals. The trekking in Rwanda can be less strenuous than other countries and the bamboo forests are easier to hike in and provide better photography opportunites opposed to denser forest found in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda.

Nyungwe National Park located in south west Rwanda is one of the worlds most beautiful and pristine mountain forests. Home to over 400 habituated chimpanzees and 12 other primate species including the Black & White Colobus Monkey, it’s also a birders paradise with over 300 species, including 16 endemics.

Aside from the Mountain Gorillas, Rwanda is home to an array of other primates.

Golden Monkeys – Although the Gorillas steal the show, the endemic Golden Monkeys found in the rainforests of the Virunga Mountains are striking, playful primates and due to the large habituated groups, the quality of sightings is superb.

Chimpanzees – Ngungwe Forest is home to over 400 chimpanzees. Chimp trekking can be done year-round and a fairly straightforward hike through the forest will often lead you to these fascinating creatures.

Black & White Colobus Monkeys – These charismatic creatures found in Nyungwe Forest take up the final place in Rwanda’s Big-4 primate species. They live in sizeable groups making an encounter with Colobus Monkeys higher than anywhere else in Africa.

Other Primates – Other species found in Rwanda’s national parks include Red Tailed Monkeys, Blue Monkeys, Owl Faced Monkeys, Baboons, Vervet Monkeys and Bush babies amongst others.

Rwanda Gorilla Tracking

Gorilla tracking in Rwanda is often described as a “life changing” experience. With only an estimated 800 gorillas left in the world, seeing these gentle creatures in their natural habitat is a very special experience.

Gorillas make their homes in and amongst the bamboo-covered slopes of the Virunga Mountains in the Volcanoes National Park in northern Rwanda. A trek in the mountains can last anywhere from just 30 minutes to over 4 hours depending on the family allocated to your group and their location. You will be introduced by your expert trackers and guides to one of the fully habituated families of Mountain Gorillas and be able to stay with them for one awe-inspiring hour, often crouching just a few feet away, whilst the Gorillas go about their daily lives.

Porters are available to carry your bags and cameras as well as assisting you with your footing along the trek. Please note, the minimum age to trek is 15yrs and there are limited permits available each day.