Why choose Kenya?

Kenya, the original safari destination, is a vast and beautiful country. Geographically interesting and culturally diverse it is undoubtedly home to some of the best safari opportunities that Africa has to offer. It has, unfortunately, recently been the victim of negative press and people have been put off by the perception of ‘packaged’ safari by minibus through crowded parks. With Travel Africa, your Kenyan safari is tailored to your desires making each trip – whether it is a romantic honeymoonadventurous riding safari or an epic family adventure – a truly original and exclusive experience.

Marvel at the wildebeest migration, laugh at the antics of wallowing elephants and hear the lions roar. Drink a sundowner with the silken air brushing over your skin as you listen to the night noises all around you, before falling asleep beneath the stars. This is the stuff of dreams and the foundations of memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you choose walking wild with the Sumburu and their camels, staying in rustic tented camps, or a high-end safari staying in characterful lodges or secluded luxury camps, your safari is tailored to suit your wishes and your budget.

Places to visit in Kenya

Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park’s most anticipated feature is getting up close and personal to large-tusked elephants with Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, in the background.

Lake Naivasha & Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru is one of Kenya’s most notable and finest national parks, varying in diversity and pleasing to the eye. It is a bird lovers haven with over 400 bird species and an important stop on the Africa-Eurasian Migratory Flyway.

Matthews Mountain Range

Found in Kenya’s Northern Frontier, the Matthew's Mountain Range is one of Kenya's wildest areas. It offers some of the finest walking in Africa away from the crowds and is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.


Samburu National Reserve is a picturesque park located in the Samburu County in north-central Kenya. Its rugged open savannah is renowned for rare species of animals unique to the park including Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe and leopard. With over 450 species of bird, this reserve is utopia for bird lovers.

Chyulu Hills

Chyulu Hills National Park is located in south-west Kenya between Tsavo and Amboseli. It is famed for its verdant rolling hills of endless green, great blue skies and spectacular landscape views. Horse riding, camping, mountain climbing and bird watching can be enjoyed in this hidden part of paradise.


Sprawling over the rolling plains north of Mt Kenya, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is a prolific wildlife sanctuary incorporating the Ngare Ndare Forest. Lewa works as a model and catalyst for the conservation of wildlife including the rare and endangered black and white rhinos.

Meru National Park

Situated in northern Kenya, Meru National Park is an untamed wilderness featuring lush jungle, coursing rivers, verdant and khaki grasslands. This remote and unspoilt area is famously associated with the book and film “Born Free”.

The Coast & Islands

Kenya is blessed with many beautiful white sand beaches, fringed by swaying palm trees and lapped by the Indian Ocean. From Diani, through Mombasa and Malindi and north to the islands of Lamu there's a wide range of beach holiday destinations to choose from. There are many activities on offer as well including scuba diving, kite-surfing and snorkelling.


Located to the north of Nairobi and Mount Kenya, the Laikipia Plateau is regarded as the gateway to Kenya’s remote and wild Northern Frontier District. This is one of the lesser travelled wildlife areas to visit in Kenya and has more endangered species than anywhere else in East Africa.

Maasai Mara

The Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of the most popular reserves in Africa. The game viewing in this region is spectacular with morning, afternoon and night drives offered. It is famous for the Great Migration which takes place in July & August each year.


Nairobi is the largest city and capital of Kenya. It is famous for the world’s only game reserve found within a major city, the Nairobi National Park. This park is home to the world’s densest population of rhino and diverse bird life. Most holidays to Kenya begin and end in Nairobi and there is a very good selection of accommodation and activities on offer for a 1 or 2 night stay here.

Tsavo National Park

Tsavo is the largest national park in Kenya and one of the largest in the world. This park is divided into Tsavo West and Tsavo East due to the railway going from Mombasa to the interior of Kenya. Tsavo East is the larger of the two parks, wild in nature and character with easier game viewing due to the flat, dry grassy plains. Tsavo West is more dramatic with diversity in landscapes ranging from swamps and springs to mountainous terrain.

When to visit Kenya

The best time of year to visit Kenya depends on what you want to do and where you’d like to visit. Mid-June to October is Kenya’s dry, ‘peak’ season which also coincides with the Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra in the Maasai Mara. Kenya’s ‘long rains’ usually fall in late-April, May and early June and the ‘short rains’ fall for a few weeks in November and December. If you’re looking to explore Kenya on a budget, you may want to consider travelling outside of peak season with fewer visitors and low season rates. If you’d like to spend time at the coast and do some diving or snorkelling, the most reliable months for good water clarity are between October and March, and especially January and February.

A Sample Of What You Can Experience



Our team are on hand to help plan your tailor-made holiday to Kenya.

We Recommend Kenya for…


Kenya is an excellent family holiday destination where you and your family can ride horses or camels and learn the fascinating culture of the Maasai.


Kenya offers riding visitors the experience of a lifetime, whether you are looking for an exclusive group riding safari or incorporating short day rides as part of a wider safari itinerary.


Choosing a honeymoon in Kenya will be an unforgettable way to begin your life together. Private, off the beaten track locations give you time to discover yourselves in comfortable and excitingly original lodges and camps.


A number of camps and lodges offer excellent guided walking safari options in Kenya giving you the freedom to traverse on foot whilst admiring some of the world’s finest wildlife.


Kenya offers limitless opportunities for adventure, excitement and unforgettable experiences for ‘explorers’ of all ages!


Camels have become an integral part of a safari now in many areas of Kenya as they are well suited to the terrain and climate and offer yet another fun and interesting way of seeing and experiencing the great African bush.

14 Day Safari & Beach Holiday | Kenya

Outposts Travel Africa arranged a wonderful holiday for two married couples who wanted to experience Africa together. We organised a 2 week safari & beach itinerary for them staying at Ekorian’s Mugie, Offbeat Mara & Diani Blue.

“All locations were special & all came up to expectation. The Kenya people were lovely. We particularly enjoyed watching the elephants swim in the Dam in Mugie reserve. Food in both camps was delicious. The tents at Ekorian were outstanding. Diani Blue was a wonderful relaxing spot after the safaris. A wonderful position on the coast.”

S. Chappell

UK, February 2020

14 Day Family Holiday | Kenya

Outposts Travel Africa arranged a holiday for a lovely family of 4 who wanted to spend 2 weeks in Kenya during the school holidays. We organised an adventure-packed itinerary that took them to Sabuk, Lewa House and Serian Original Mara.

“Our family holiday to Kenya was fantastic and you got everything spot on. It was the most enjoyable adventure – especially doing it as a family. We now have dinner conversations to last a lifetime – the hippo gets closer with every telling. Kenya and the Kenyans were amazing. Worth every penny.”

The G Family

UK, August

Kenya Family Holidays

Kenya is a big country in which to create and share BIG memories of precious times spent together as a family.

Whether tracking for spoor in a dry river bed, stalking a rhino to get a better view or checking out a dung beetle, Kenya offers the most stimulating place for a family. The senses tingle and the imagination is fired. Watch the sun rise and set, lie back and look at the stars; it is almost too much to absorb.

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing ‘Africa’ through the eyes of your own children. Sharing their wonder and watching every little detail being digested, savoured and stored for life. How easy it is to enjoy learning when there is so much all around that inspires the senses. How important for later life too to have these memories of ‘shared’ time in Kenya.

The young can learn from a true warrior the tricks of observation, animal behaviour, magical medicinal plants, firing bows and arrows moving in the Maasai way. All this is enjoyed in wild beautiful spaces, either staying in mobile tented camps or wilderness lodges, eating delicious home grown food and the freshest fruit.


We can recommend camps to suit all ages of children. Some camps welcome children of all ages and others have a minimum age restriction so just let us know their ages and we can recommend the most suitable options your family. Whether you choose to base yourself in a rustic secluded bush house or, with only a sheet of canvas between you and the stars, in a beautifully designed tented camp, we can guarantee personal attention, guiding, accommodation and service focused on creating a superb safari experience for your family.

You can ride horses or camels, do game walks, leap out of bed for early morning game drives, swim, get grubby and finally, flop exhausted into bed under a canopy of stars! There is so much from which to choose. We can make recommendations and put together an itinerary tailored to the sort of experience for which you are looking and one which will be sure to keep the whole family happy! Come and explore the real Africa. We want to welcome you to a world where adventure rules and no second is the same!

Kenya Riding Safaris

A stunningly beautiful country with the best big game viewing to be found anywhere in Africa, Kenya offers riding visitors the experience of a lifetime, whether you wish a full ten day safari or one of the increasingly popular short breaks.

Riding and staying overnight in a combination of Safari Award Winning tented or lodge accommodation, allows you to venture off the beaten track from the seemingly endless Masai Mara, with its seasonal migration of wildebeest and zebra to the northern hills of Laikipia overlooked by Mount Kenya. Explore the area between the vast dry lake beds of Amboseli to the majestic Chyulu Hills to the West on the back of a horse with Mt Kilimanjaro as the backdrop.

See below for our handpicked selection of recommended horseback safaris in Kenya.


Ideal for Experienced & Novice Riders | Ideal for Families

Lewa Wilderness is one of Kenyas oldest private safari experiences and has been the Craig family home since 1972. There are rides for all standards, and not only on horses. At Lewa Wilderness and Lewa House, located in a renowned sanctuary to the endangered rhino, you can ride horses but you can also ride a camel!

“There is nothing as good as riding out on a crisp morning, overlooked by Mt Kenya, searching for game and enjoying the spectacular, undulating landscape.”

Lewa Wilderness sits within one of Kenya’s major private conservation success stories; the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. 62,000 acres of varied African terrain, overlooked by the magnificent Mount Kenya, is one of the best wildlife experiences in Africa. The lodge has nine cottages tucked into the hillside overlooking Lewas Eastern Marania Valley, each luxuriously comfortable with the rustic character of a ranch homestead. Natural springs, home-raised livestock, and a 5-acre organic garden is the source of the healthy and delicious cuisine served against the backdrop of passing herds of wildlife.

There are several other choices of lodges located in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy suitable for families, all offering  a marvellous experience, so please contact us so we can recommend the most suitable for you.


Riding from Ol Donyo Wuas offers an unforgettable experience. With Mount Kilimanjaro as the backdrop, rides traverse from the vast dry lake beds of Amboselito the majestic Chyulu Hills (Hemmingway’s “Green Hills of Africa”) through a variety of fascinating eco systems where over 38 species of large mammals, including the Big Five, roam freely. You certainly won’t find any tourists in mini buses out here!

“In all the years we have been riding we have not encountered anything quite so special.”
The Lodge has just seven stand alone cottages. Some are two bed, while others are four bed lodges with their own private lounge and swimming pool. The four bed lodges are perfect for families or small groups of friends who prefer extra privacy. All bedrooms have spacious en-suite bathrooms with superb views, a shower and bath, twin vanities and a flush loo with an additional outdoor shower. All rooms (except one) have their own rooftop “star-bed” spot where there are dramatic views over the plains and towards Mount Kilimanjaro. More adventurous guests have the option to experience a night sleeping under the stars on these rooftops.

Imagine riding all day and coming home to a hot bath or shower, a private swimming pool, great food, charming hosts and world class service. You can also enjoy game drives, bush walks and night game drives.


For Experienced Riders

Well established and experienced, Offbeat Safaris offer some of Africa’s most exciting mobile riding safaris. Various safaris, for experienced riders only, run to set dates, taking you far off the beaten track staying in a selection of stunning mobile camps and beautiful private lodges. Choose from the Masai Mara, Meru National Park, the Great Rift Valley or the Laikipia region of Northern Kenya.

Founder Tristan Voorspoy, was legendary in his own right as one of Africa’s top safari guides. His reputation was built on his charismatic guides, his passion & respect for Africa’s wildlife and his high standards of comfort & service offered throughout. These safaris are for experienced riders only. Guests should be comfortable at all paces, be able to gallop and react quickly and safely. Riding is off the beaten track in areas where big game wildlife is abundant and riders should be fit enough to ride between 4 and 6 hours a day.

Kenya Adventure Holidays

Kenya offers limitless opportunities for adventure, excitement and unforgettable experiences for ‘explorers’ of all ages! Imagine going to sleep with the roaring of the lions and the coughing of the leopard and being woken up each morning by the singing and chattering of the birds.

With its wide range of accommodation, Kenya is perfect for exciting game viewing safaris, family holidays & safaris, the best mobile riding safaris and the most romantic honeymoons.

We highly recommend Lewa Wilderness, the hub of all activities on Lewa, with an exciting array of adventurous options available. The Craig’s at Lewa own East Africas only open cockpit biplane and a stable yard of horses suited to all levels of experience. You can also camel ride among the wildlife, game drive, take guided bush walks, visit the local community projects, and much more!


There are so many more ways to view Kenya’s spectacular scenery and diverse wildlife other than a safari vehicle.  If you want to travel in style, a helicopter can take you almost anywhere! What a way to travel across some of the most stunning panoramas, stopping for picnics, or a day’s fishing.

Tandem paragliding – One of the most incredible ways to see Kenya’s beautiful surroundings.

Buggies and Quad Bike Safaris – Drive on tiny tracks, unusable by conventional vehicles; visit ‘singing wells’ in the remote Northern rangelands, have a picnic by a remote riverbed with seasonal pools or just cover miles of game reserve leaving nothing but a dust trail behind you.

Helicopter and fixed wing flights – The African panorama is never more breathtaking than when viewed from the air.


A truly unique Kenyan adventure! Fly up Mount Kenya to Rotundu, where Prince William popped the question to Kate, for some of the best fly fishing & walking.

“I have ridden up there with a group and the changing flora and fauna is spectacular. It offers something genuinely completely different.” – DD Kingscote


Cycling – Explore this spectacular environment by mountain bike and get up close to big game.

Mount Kenya Fishing Trips – Helicopter up to Mount Kenya’s fresh water lakes; Rutundu and Alice, to enjoy world class fishing and striking scenery. The lakes are teaming with trout, fishing is fly only, and catch and release is encouraged.

Horse Riding Safaris – Tailored and flexible riding safaris offer the ultimate horseback experience. Choose between mountain rides, ranch rides, and forest rides, and fly camp or lodges accommodation.

Kenya Special Interest


Camels have become an integral part of a safari now in many areas of Kenya as they are well suited to the terrain and climate and offer yet another fun and interesting way of seeing and experiencing the great African bush.

As you walk by their side, the camels carry all you need for a few days away. You will be guided by elegant, colourful Samburu warriors away from the camp and into places where vehicles do not venture. It is also possible to climb on board and ride the camels for an afternoon’s activity and a totally different viewpoint on Africa from on high.

Overlooked by the imperial Mount Kenya is Laikipia, an area that abounds with special Lodges such as Sabuk, Lewa, Loisaba, Tassia and Sirricoi, all of which offer the best opportunities to enjoy time with the extraordinary camel and add variety to your safari.

We have specialist knowledge, experience and contacts in Kenya and would be happy to arrange a Camel Walking Safari for you. Simply contact us for more information.


Experience Kenya from a unique vantage point!
For a little something out of the ordinary, experience a camel riding safari with Lewa Wilderness. Lewa Wilderness sits within one of Kenya’s major private conservation success stories; the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. 62,000 acres of varied African terrain, overlooked by the magnificent Mount Kenya it provides one of the best wildlife experiences in Africa. The camel rides offer a great way to take in the scenery from a unique vantage point!


To really enjoy an unspoilt, pure, cultural and close to nature feeling; leave your lodges behind and venture deep into the scenic Matthews and Ndoto Mountain Ranges of Northern Kenya. Guided by Helen Dufresne, Pete Ilsley and their loyal Samburu staff you will infuse folklore, botany, ornithology and astrology and have a rare insight into the way of life of the Samburu and Rendille nomadic people as you travel with your camp bearing camels.

Truly a walk on the ‘Wild’ side!
The choices of routes are endless in these mountains with water always available under the brown sands of the famous Milgis and Seiya Luggas. Moving off early to avoid the heat and catch the best animal sightings, you’ll cross constantly changing landscapes with something of interest round every corner. This is a fantastic experience particularly suited to mixed groups of fit, adventurous friends and families who would like a fascinating and unusual adventure. This holiday is not for those best suited to sitting by a pool every day, but perfect if you are reasonably fit, with an adventurous nature, a thirst for knowledge and appetite for getting to know the real Africa and its people.


At Outposts Travel Africa we understand that accommodation is such an important part of the enjoyment of any holiday that’s why we place great emphasis on matching up value-for-money and quality of experience for our clients – ensuring the right balance between suiting your pocket, your aspirations for your holiday and your ‘appetite for adventure’.

We seek out special places and locations that embody the charm and individuality of this diverse country: from safari companies & lodges in the Kenyan Bush to those idyllic locations of honeymooner’s dreams on the sensational white beaches of the Indian Ocean. All our accommodation hosts offer a warm, friendly welcome, with great guides, a wonderful atmosphere and attention to detail. There is always good food on offer in stunning secluded locations and natural surroundings in-keeping with the country. We take pride in building relationships with our hosts. Usually this is through personal links but occasionally it may be through the highest recommendation. They are all intrinsically involved in their communities and the vital conservation of their wilderness areas.


For the true essence of ‘Africa’ Kenya surpasses itself on fantastic safari lodges. You will find them intimate, ingenious, natural, camouflaged, yet comfortable and elegant and so in keeping with the spirit of this beautiful country. The Saruni Lodges are a particular favourite, perfect for honeymooners, couples, families and groups of friends. You will certainly experience the ‘WOW’ factor at Saruni Samburu.

Take a charter and fly ‘off the beaten track’ to reach some of these special lodges; experience astonishing views, sunsets, atmosphere, game & wildlife experiences, and cultural exchanges. Each safari lodge is different, exciting and offers perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get really close to nature, the wilderness and raw beauty that is the essence of Africa.


There are ‘tents’ … and then there are TENTS! At the top end, many safari lodges are permanent tented camps in the old Africa style, very comfortable and ‘civilised’, with flushing toilets, separate bathrooms, even showers under the stars, but still embodying that sense of adventure.

This is Africa after all! For a real tented experience, take a few really wild days camping with long drop toilets and bucket showers. With Africa so close around you, it’s very relaxed yet exciting and you cannot fail to really feel at one with nature.


Beach Accommodation: Relax and enjoy barefoot luxury … at its best!
Kenya’s white sandy beaches with coral reefs covered by warm, azure blue sea have attracted visitors since time began. Some areas, therefore, can be very busy. Choose to rent a private house, stay in a boutique hotel or a Banda on the beach. For the adventurous there are stunning locations well off the beaten track where history and atmosphere abounds and the beaches are still virtually empty. At Travel Africa we have found some wonderful ‘gems’ which offer a haven right on the beach.

Private Homes: Beautiful locations, private pools, perfect for larger groups and families. If you have a large party, particularly if there is a wide age range with younger children, why not consider taking a private home? They are usually situated in a beautiful location and are very comfortable with private swimming pools and large gardens. A private guide and a vehicle (depending on the location) and most activities are included and the house staff are there to look after you. Laragai House – Borana recently won best Safari House in Kenya and came in 3rd for Best Safari House in Africa at the 2015 Safari Awards.


We generally only recommend hotels if you are staying in town or passing through. We endeavour to search out places with character, service and preferably the smaller family-run hotels who give you a great welcome.

Ngong House is a luxury, boutique ‘hotel’ with unique, stylish and luxurious accommodation in private tree-houses. There is also a garden suite, pool-side bungalow and a family log cabin all built from wood, covered with traditional African grass thatch. Each is uniquely and beautifully designed and furnished. Located just outside Nairobi, Ngong House is close to two airports, the Giraffe Centre, Daphne Sheldrick’s elephant orphanage and African shopping.

Lemarti’s Camp is one of those special locations that we have found for our clients. The Camp offers a unique cultural experience with the indigenous African people in a beautiful location.


Can there be anything more perfect than dining out each night under a blanket of stars listening to the noises of the African night. Mobile Safaris offer the perfect way to experience Africa at its most authentic and wild. Whilst you follow the game, your camp is moved and set up on the banks of a river or nestling among the boulders of a panoramic kopje.

Tents are authentic East African safari tents, spacious and comfortable, or for walking safaris, which are usually well off the beaten track, even simpler dome tents are used.


At Outposts Travel Africa, we tend to avoid central Nairobi, preferring to whisk our clients to the outskirts for their first, and often only night in Nairobi. If our clients have had a long flight, maybe from the USA, and want to have a day’s rest before setting off on their safari proper, there are some excellent and most comfortable choices. The traffic can be terrible crossing Nairobi at certain times of day so here are alternative ideas of places to stay that avoid the traffic and start you on your safari even quicker, in a most agreeable way.

There are several options now of where to stay in Nairobi National Park. You land at JKIA in Nairobi, and avoiding the horrendous traffic in town, you drive straight into the park and whilst driving to your wonderful location you can enjoy a game drive. These locations are within a 45 minute drive mostly through the park to Wilson airport, where you will depart on a smaller plane for your continuing safari. Three really great options to be considered:

  • The authentic Porini Tented Camp
  • The Emakoko
  • The delightful Ololo Lodge