How & Why We Travelled With Our Family During COVID-19

We came across this article from Royal Chundu Zambezi Lodge in Zambia and wanted to share with you this family’s wonderful recent experience of travelling in Africa. A little reminder to our clients and friends that Africa is open, remote and ready for exploring!

“We have just completed our second transatlantic trip as a family – in this, travel in the time of Corona – journeying between Royal Chundu, Zambia, and the United States. And never have we ever… felt safer, more appreciated, more accommodated, and with so much extra space around us!

It’s the kind of travel we’ve always dreamt of. The time to travel is now!

If you feel ready and comfortable, everyone and everything is ready for you. With all the precautions that have become part of our everyday lives now, and those taken by borders and authorities worldwide, airports are able to relax and resume their excitement at being able to welcome travellers once again.

This month, we travelled as a family from Lusaka, Zambia, to the USA after travelling through Zambia (between Royal Chundu on the Zambezi and South Luangwa) and Kenya. Our flight with Emirates was spacious, friendly and plain-sailing. Arriving in the States now was a breeze, the easiest it has ever been, perhaps because airlines feel safe, with everyone flying required to have a negative PCR C-19 certificate.

The protocols throughout Africa are a little different: sanitiser stations, temperature checks and wearing a mask are standard practices. It certainly makes you feel safe and secure, but the beauty of Africa is in the natural remoteness of its top destinations. Another great draw for travellers to this diverse and beautiful continent.

After a year of being home-bound, the wider wilder world offers its allure in every small and big way. After learning about life through textbooks, Netflix and the web, little ones can step out and discover even greater lessons from the planet’s real-life inspiring corners. Nothing on a screen or in a book can ever replace that face-to-face learning, nor the joys of new lived experiences.

While over the last few months many of us have felt helpless to change the global situation, there is great power in your travels now – in helping to support people, through lodges that work to conserve the land and empower communities.”

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Why Travel to Zambia?

Zambia is open to all international travellers and is, as a country, an untouched opportunity of humble hospitality; with deeply layered cultures of 73 tribes all coming together as one Zambia, one nation; magnificent (bring the camera!) landscapes; a variety of experiences that are unparalleled: unique fauna, spectacular flora, feathered fabulousness, sweeping landscapes.

From the upper Zambezi to the lower Zambezi, from Kafue to Kasanka, from northern lakes to South Luangwa, the opportunities for travellers to experience truly unique adventures just lie waiting to be tapped.


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