Zimbabwe Inspire Me

Exploring Zimbabwe

I cannot thank you enough for the holiday you put together for us. It was all we could have wished for and lots more.

The arrangements worked fantastically well with airlines, small charter airplanes, transitions from airports to lodges and lodges to airports and train. The train was delightful, a real treat operated by ex-workers of the “ex” public railway. I am a bit of a train nerd so it was very special for me and I had a very interesting time talking with the crew. Our guide from Bomani camp came with us to make sure we were picked up by the Hide Team.

The skill and knowledge of our guides was very impressive and all were very polite and charming and took great care of us.

We are 4 very bossy ladies and had left travel details to someone else sure in the knowledge that one of us would have the relevant paper work to hand. We all did have the paper work, but safely in our luggage! Your arrangements were so good it did not matter, as we were collected escorted and generally spoilt on every move. The wild life was truly outstanding, accommodation very high standards and great comfort at all the lodges, efficient service super food, and lots of fun, staff from lodge managers to the lads sweeping the garden were a joy, always greeting us with smiles and happy to chat and explain anything we asked them, they too were curious about our lives. The visit to a village and the school was a an eye opener for us who live in a world of easy come, easy go and money beyond these peoples dreams.


Thank you Outposts for such an amazing trip. Next one cannot come soon enough!