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Cats & Coast

A special birthday celebration in Namibia!

Charles and Jeannie wanted to incorporate an 8 day holiday in Namibia as part of a round the world tour for a special birthday. Jeannie had fallen in love with the cheetahs she had seen on a wildlife programme about the Africat Foundation and they also wanted to take in the astonishing dunes and coastline. Careful planning was essential to ensure that mobility problems did not get in the way of a fantastic adventure.

"We had the most wonderful trip to Namibia and are so grateful to Outposts Travel Africa for fixing everything up. Without doubt it was top of the pops of our world journey as we had fantastic luck, saw amazing game and were dazzled by the dunes. The Game Lodges were excellent and the staff delightful. We have the most wonderful memories of a fantastic country which will last for a very long time".

Namibia is a land of endless horizons; the highest sand dunes in the world and the deepest canyon in Africa. The roads are good but distances are long so a combination of guided driving and charter flights are to be recommended. With forethought to the terrain, surfaces and quantity of steps, perfect places which are accessible and wheelchair friendly, yet still in the wild, with the fantastic vistas for which Namibia is famous were found for this one off special holiday.

From Cats...

Arrive in Windhoek and head straight for Okonjima having been met at the airport. Spend two days at the home of the Africat Foundation enjoying the cheetahs, leopards and many other carnivores that enjoy the Rescue and Release Programme. Staying in the Main Camp enables one to be very comfortable and close to the dining area.

From Okonjima, head on a shuttle for Etosha National Park. A luxury tented camp, with accessible paths on a private reserve on the Eastern edge of the park offers both a morning drive into Etosha and an evening drive into their private reserve. I feel this is the very best way to see the game whilst avoiding lots of people.

After three nights there, fly to Swakopmund and stay overnight. Swakopmund is squeezed between the searing desert and the angry Atlantic Ocean. It is great for a night and fits well with the regular transfers across the country.

...To Coast

Spend the morning doing the MARINE CRUISE to Bird Island, and then cut across the lagoon to moored Russian trawlers where inquisitive seals will swim up to the boats for something to eat. From there you head for Pelican Point where entertainment is provided by a large seal colony and schools of dolphins swimming alongside the boats. There is abundant birdlife so you will want to have your camera at the ready.

In the afternoon fly to Sossusvlei and arrive in time for sundowners at the Lodge I have picked for you, set close to the iconic dunes and within the arid Namib Desert. A waterhole in front of the Lodge attracts a number of local wildlife and provides a perfect location to view and photograph the desert scenery. Accommodation at the Lodge comprises 19 thatched and canvas Kulalas with en-suite bathrooms and verandahs. The setting is a real delight and boasts amazing views, astonishing light and extraordinarily steep angles! The dunes take on a surrealistic quality as the sun sets. Intense colors ranging from black to straw yellow, to orange, and orange-red will stay with you long after you continue travelling around the world!

This really is a magical place to end your holiday!