Primate Safaris


No visit to Africa is complete without a unique primate encounter; from the last remaining Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda to the cheeky chimpanzees of Tanzania

Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park hosts 9 of the habituated Mountain Gorilla families and Uganda's magical Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is home to 7 habituated Gorilla families.Trekking with Gorillas is a truly unique experience which could be incorporated as part of your holiday or a bigger safari adventure in Africa. Can there be a more magical, awe-inspiring and emotional wildlife experience than tracking some of the last few remaining Mountain Gorillas and observing these magnificent primates in their natural habitat?

Chimps in Uganda's Kibale National Park and Chambura Gorge are especially rewarding and the Mahale Mountains in Tanzania provide a breathtaking spot to not only track chimpanzees, but to experience the magic of Lake Tanganyika. Rwanda is home to an array of primates including Golden Monkeys, Chimpanzees and Black & White Colobus Monkeys offering a truly unique primate safari experience.

Why not experience a 'Primarily Primates' 14 day safari traversing Uganda, Rwanda and Congo Brazzaville? Contact us for more details.