Family Holidays


At Outposts Travel Africa we love arranging wonderful family holidays. We are always looking out for places that encourage children to explore and love Africa; they are clients of the future and their memories and experiences will hopefully inspire them to be a part of the awareness and conservation of this magnificent continent and its wildlife.

There's nothing more exciting than seeing 'Africa' through the eyes of your own children. Sharing their wonder, watching every little detail being digested, savoured and stored for life. How easy it is to enjoy learning when there is so much all around that inspires the senses. How important for later life too to have these memories of 'shared' time in Africa. 

Whichever destination you choose, most importantly we want you to come away with memories to last and to bring joy to generations to come.

Family Holiday Destinations - Southern Africa

Family safari holidays are becoming increasingly popular In Botswana, providing you and your children with an outstanding wildlife experience.


South Africa's excellent, malaria-free parks are a great destination for family safari holidays. Choose between private villas and affordable accommodation - many have facilities for self-catering that appeal especially to families on a tight budget. Moreover, the Cape is well-suited for self-drives, allowing you to explore at your own pace.

Namibia offers fantastic self-driving family safari holidays. However, as stunning as the country's scenery is, it's unlikely to keep your youngest entertained for hours. Therefore, family holidays here are best for families with older children, who are fine with longer drives - they'll love the freedom and the sheer variety of a family holiday to Namibia.

5 top tips for the perfect Family Safari

We have been arranging successful family holidays in Africa for many years and think we know what it takes to create the perfect family safari. Here are our top tips:

1. Spend longer in fewer places to cut down on travel.
2. Mix up tented camps and lodges for a variety of adventure & creature comforts.
3. Choose places with plenty of different activities.
4. Flexibility is key - nothing beats being able to run the day as you wish.
5. Have a private guide - it makes the world of difference!

See below for our suggested family holiday destinations in Africa or simply contact us to start planning your family safari.

Family Holiday Destinations - East Africa

Kenya is an excellent family holiday destination offering safe and rewarding safaris in world-renowned Big 5 game reserves. Kenya also offers white sand beaches, Maasai warriors, once-in-a-lifetime activities and all the atmosphere of big game Africa. Whether tracking for spoor in a dry river bed, stalking a rhino to get a better view or checking out a dung beetle, Kenya offers the most stimulating destination for a family holiday.