Zanzibar & Islands

Why Choose Zanzibar?

The Zanzibar Archipelago lies off the coast of Tanzania, under an equatorial sun, in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. It is made up of over 50 islands, of which Zanzibar is the largest boasting some of the best and most beautiful beaches in the world, interspersed with picturesque fishing villages.

Equally beautiful Pemba Island lies to the north of Zanzibar and Mafia Island, with its sensational diving, lies to the south alongside other tiny coral atolls with creepers and turtle nests waiting to be explored.

Monsoon winds from Persia have bought traders from all over the world to these Islands for centuries offering an incredible mixture of ethnic backgrounds, indicative of their colourful history.

Zanzibar Highlights

  • Stone Town - In the twisting alleys of Zanzibar's Stone Town you will find Sultan's crumbling residences behind thick stone walls inset with carved doors, studded with brass. Inland lie the spice plantations from which the area gets its name.
  • Spice Tours - Any visit to Zanzibar would not be complete without a visit to a spice plantation to dazzle the senses from curling cinnamon bark to fresh cloves, nutmeg and pepper.
  • Pristine Beaches - After a trail of exploration head to the white sandy beaches at the end of the day in time to see hundreds of dhows set sail for the night, and take a plunge in the warm, azure blue waters of the Indian Ocean.
  • Water Sports - There are plenty of activity options for you at the beaches from diving, and snorkelling to swimming with dolphins.

When to Visit Zanzibar & Islands

There are no hard and fast rules concerning the weather. Conditions can vary enormously from year to year and from region to region. Sometimes the rains don’t come, sometimes there are showers at the most unexpected times of year. This is a very rough guide to the seasons and weather conditions you might expect to encounter. If you would like to discuss the conditions in more detail, please call us and we will be pleased to help.

Pemba & Mafia Island Highlights

  • Pemba Island - To leave any crowds far behind, a stay on Pemba Island offers a 'taste of paradise'. Smaller and more densely vegetated than Zanzibar, it also grows more cloves than its larger sister and at harvest time the air is filled with their scent. Explore the rural farming and fishing villages, between which you will find women in bright kangas attending the crops in bright green fields. Off-shore coral islands have white sand and nesting turtles at night and offer some of the best diving in East Africa.
  • Mafia Island - Just forty minutes flight from Dar es Salaam, Mafia Island is a magnet for divers with its unspoiled barrier reefs, rich in corals, sponges, sea anemones and staggering array of wave upon wave of colourful fish. Dolphins and turtles swim beside you and, on land, at dusk, flying foxes take off from the trees. The Island is covered in rich rainforest and dotted with villages among the passion fruit, mango and paw-paw trees. Despite all its attractions Mafia is still virtually unknown and wonderfully unvisited.

Where are The Spice Islands?

The 'Spice Islands' of Zanzibar, Pemba & Mafia are located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Tanzania


Zanzibar combines well with...

A mainland safari in Kenya or Tanzania.