Why Choose Rwanda?

Rwanda is a land of contrasts: its undulating hills, tea plantations and high-altitude mountain rainforests tower above vast savannahs and grasslands, lakes, swamps and rivers - teeming with wildlife. Its people are artistic, colourful and friendly and pride themselves on their community and eco-based approach to tourism.

Many visit 'The Land of a Thousand Hills' to see its infamous Mountain Gorillas. Volcanoes National Park, with its misty rainforest, giant trees, vines and thundering waterfalls is home to Dian Fosseys beloved 'Gorillas in the Mist' and also her final resting place. Nearly one third of the world's remaining Mountain Gorillas live here and they are protected from poachers.

Aside from the Gorillas, Rwanda is a surprisingly diverse country with plenty to occupy a longer holiday including three national parks, a thriving capital city, stunning mountain scenery and an array of wildlife.

Rwanda Highlights

  • Canopy Walk - The only one of its kind in East Africa offers an unrivalled perspective of the incredible biodiversity of this rain forest with its 280 species of birds. 
  • Akagera Park - Situated on the Tanzanian border, Akagera has a vast savannah with herds of buffalo, giraffe, zebra and antelope. The illusive leopard and packs of hyena can be seen on night drives. The Mutumba Hills standing at 2,000m provide spectacular views over a labyrinth of expansive lakes and swamps including Lake Kivu & Lake Ihema with their resident hippos, crocodiles as well as the highest concentration of Africa’s water birds.
  • Congo Nile Trail - For the adventurous explorer. Take on the 227 km Congo Nile Trail along the length of Lake Kivu: 8 amazing base camps, two extra-ordinary paths and four bonus sub trails. Hike it in 10 days, bike it in 5 days, or drive it by 4x4 in 3 days!

When to visit Rwanda

There are no hard and fast rules concerning the weather. Conditions can vary enormously from year to year and from region to region. Sometimes the rains don’t come, sometimes there are showers at the most unexpected times of year. This is a very rough guide to the seasons and weather conditions you might expect to encounter. If you would like to discuss the conditions in more detail, please call us and we will be pleased to help.

Where is Rwanda?

Rwanda is a land-locked country located in central Africa. It is bordered to the north by Uganda, to the west by Tanzania, to the south by Burundi and to the east by the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Rwanda combines well with...

A safari in Kenya or Tanzania;

Further primates in Uganda.