Why Choose Ethiopia?

As the only African country to have never been colonized, Ethiopia has a history of self-determination and deep pride. Located in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is quite often described as a "huge museum"  that few have discovered and many are yet to see. At Outposts Travel Africa, we want to change this!

Blessed with an abundance of historical wonders in the north including the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the obelisks of Axum and the Ark of the Covenant and some of Africa’s most enigmatic tribes in the south with distinct and impressive customs and traditions, travelling through Ethiopia is an adventure in which you’re never sure what is around the corner!

Its size is equivalent to Britain and France combined and has a cultural heritage that is unsurpassed by any other country on the continent. Visitors to this culturally and scenically distinct nation will feel warmly welcomed. Whether you want to trek through the Simien Mountains, discover unusual wildlife, explore ancient churches, castles and island monasteries or meet local tribes, one thing is for will be very different from anything you’ve seen before!

When to Visit Ethiopia

Throughout most of the country there are are two seasons: the dry season prevails from October through May; the wet season runs from June to September. Temperate in the highlands; hot in the lowlands.

Ethiopia follows the Julian calendar, comprising of 12 months of 30 days and a 13th month of five to six days. New Year starts on September 11th. The Ethiopian calendar is 7 years and 8 months behind the Gregorian calendar, so you can: ‘Come to Ethiopia and be 7 years younger’!  

Ethiopia Highlights

From the famed historical circuit to the exotic southern cultural route, Ethiopia provides an experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world.

  • Bale Mountains National Park - The ultimate destination for hikers, wildlife watchers, culture and nature enthusiasts. One of the best sites to spot the rare and endangered Ethiopian Wolf.
  • Axum - Uncover the mystery of the great Stelae, tombs of ancient kings & ruin palaces.
  • Lalibela - Named after King Lalibela, this town is famous for its 11 monolithic rock-cut churches.
  • Gondar - Named 'The African Camelot,' Gondar is famous for its ancient castles & palaces.
  • Lake Tana Monasteries - 37 islands scattered about the surface of Lake Tana shelter churches and monestaries of immense historical & cultural interest.
  • Simien Mountains - Located in Northern Ethiopia these mountains are home to unique wildlife and breath-taking views on a landscape shaped by nature and traditional agriculture.
  • Omo Valley - Known for its culture and diversity the Omo Valley is home to over 200,000 tribal people including Hamer, Mursi and Dasenech and a vast array of wildlife.

Where is Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is a country located in the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by Eritrea to the north and northeast, Djibouti and Somalia to the east, Sudan and South Sudan to the west, and Kenya to the south.


Ethiopia combines well with...

A stay on the Tanzanian or Kenyan coast.

Where to stay in Ethiopia

Until recently there was little luxury accommodation available in Ethiopia, and to a degree that’s still the case. Across the country, you will find a range of camps and safari lodges some of which remain both basic and primarily functional. However, particularly in areas such as Lalibela and in Addis Ababa, there are now an increasing number of lodges, villas and hotels that are of a very good standard.