Kenya Special Interest

Camel Walking Safari

Camels have become an integral part of a safari now in many areas of Kenya as they are well suited to the terrain and climate and offer yet another fun and interesting way of seeing and experiencing the great African bush.

As you walk by their side, the camels carry all you need for a few days away. You will be guided by elegant, colourful Samburu warriors away from the camp and into places where vehicles do not venture. It is also possible to climb on board and ride the camels for an afternoon's activity and a totally different viewpoint on Africa from on high.

Overlooked by the imperial Mount Kenya is Laikipia, an area that abounds with special Lodges such as Sabuk, Lewa, Loisaba, Tassia and Sirricoi, all of which offer the best opportunities to enjoy time with the extraordinary camel and add variety to your safari.

We have specialist knowledge, experience and contacts in Kenya and would be happy to arrange a Camel Walking Safari for you. Simply contact us for more information.

Lewa Wilderness Camel Safari

Experience Kenya from a unique vantage point! 

For a little something out of the ordinary, experience a camel riding safari with Lewa Wilderness. Lewa Wilderness sits within one of Kenya’s major private conservation success stories; the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. 62,000 acres of varied African terrain, overlooked by the magnificent Mount Kenya it provides one of the best wildlife experiences in Africa. The camel rides offer a great way to take in the scenery from a unique vantage point!

The Milgis Trust

The Milgis Trust was established in 2004 as a result of growing insecurity leading to the poaching of wildlife and over-extraction of declining natural resources in Kenya. Founded and managed by Helen Douglas-Dufresne, the Milgis Trust 's mission is to sustain the wildlife, habitat and the pastoral peoples’ way of life in Northern Kenya.

The trust does so much to help the community, without taking anything away from a way of life that has existed to good effect in these magnificent rolling hills for centuries. Helen and her partner Pete are thrilled with the progress made against elephant poaching in and around Milgis. Some of the money raised by the Milgis Trust is used to recruit scouts, both men and women, from local communities as their eyes and ears against poaching. Follow the Milgis Journal to keep up to date with all their latest news.

View the latest work of The Milgis Trust - Watch Exclusive Video >

Along with their loyal Samburu crew, Pete and Helen have taken hundreds of camel walking safaris with Wild Frontiers through this remote and untouched land, learning and experiencing all it has to offer. The camel safaris enable those who have a thirst for a special adventure to join in this world, to get a true sense of the environment and the Samburu culture of these proud and charming people, coming away both cleansed and inspired by an unforgettable experience.

Wild Frontiers Camel Safari

To really enjoy an unspoilt, pure, cultural and close to nature feeling; leave your lodges behind and venture deep into the scenic Matthews and Ndoto Mountain Ranges of Northern Kenya. Guided by Helen Dufresne, Pete Ilsley and their loyal Samburu staff you will infuse folklore, botany, ornithology and astrology and have a rare insight into the way of life of the Samburu and Rendille nomadic people as you travel with your camp bearing camels.

Truly a walk on the 'Wild' side!

The choices of routes are endless in these mountains with water always available under the brown sands of the famous Milgis and Seiya Luggas. Moving off early to avoid the heat and catch the best animal sightings, you'll cross constantly changing landscapes with something of interest round every corner. This is a fantastic experience particularly suited to mixed groups of fit, adventurous friends and families who would like a fascinating and unusual adventure. This holiday is not for those best suited to sitting by a pool every day, but perfect if you are reasonably fit, with an adventurous nature, a thirst for knowledge and appetite for getting to know the real Africa and its people.