Kenya Family Holiday


Kenya is a big country in which to create and share BIG memories of precious times spent together as a family. 

Whether tracking for spoor in a dry river bed, stalking a rhino to get a better view or checking out a dung beetle, Kenya offers the most stimulating place for a family. The senses tingle and the imagination is fired. Watch the sun rise and set, lie back and look at the stars; it is almost too much to absorb.

There's nothing more exciting than seeing 'Africa' through the eyes of your own children. Sharing their wonder and watching every little detail being digested, savoured and stored for life. How easy it is to enjoy learning when there is so much all around that inspires the senses. How important for later life too to have these memories of 'shared' time in Kenya.

The young can learn from a true warrior the tricks of observation, animal behaviour, magical medicinal plants, firing bows and arrows moving in the Maasai way. All this is enjoyed in wild beautiful spaces, either staying in mobile tented camps or wilderness lodges, eating delicious home grown food and the freshest fruit.

Something for all ages

We can recommend camps to suit all ages of children. Some camps welcome children of all ages and others have a minimum age restriction so just let us know their ages and we can recommend the most suitable options your family. Whether you choose to base yourself in a rustic secluded bush house or, with only a sheet of canvas between you and the stars, in a beautifully designed tented camp, we can guarantee personal attention, guiding, accommodation and service focused on creating a superb safari experience for your family.

You can ride horses or camels, do game walks, leap out of bed for early morning game drives, swim, get grubby and finally, flop exhausted into bed under a canopy of stars! There is so much from which to choose. We can make recommendations and put together an itinerary tailored to the sort of experience for which you are looking and one which will be sure to keep the whole family happy! Come and explore the real Africa. We want to welcome you to a world where adventure rules and no second is the same!