Kenya Adventure Holidays


Kenya offers limitless opportunities for adventure, excitement and unforgettable experiences for 'explorers' of all ages! Imagine going to sleep with the roaring of the lions and the coughing of the leopard and being woken up each morning by the singing and chattering of the birds.

With its wide range of accommodation, Kenya is perfect for exciting game viewing safaris, family holidays & safaris, the best mobile riding safaris and the most romantic honeymoons

We highly recommend Lewa Wilderness, the hub of all activities on Lewa, with an exciting array of adventurous options available. The Craigs at Lewa own East Africas only open cockpit biplane and a stable yard of horses suited to all levels of experience. You can also camel ride among the wildlife, game drive, take guided bush walks, visit the local community projects, and much more!

Adrenaline Driven Adventures

There are so many more ways to view Kenya's spectacular scenery and diverse wildlife other than a safari vehicle.  If you want to travel in style, a helicopter can take you almost anywhere! What a way to travel across some of the most stunning panoramas, stopping for picnics, or a day’s fishing. 

Tandem paragliding - One of the most incredible ways to see Kenya's beautiful surroundings.

Buggies and Quad Bike Safaris - Drive on tiny tracks, unusable by conventional vehicles; visit ‘singing wells’ in the remote Northern rangelands, have a picnic by a remote riverbed with seasonal pools or just cover miles of game reserve leaving nothing but a dust trail behind you.

Helicopter and fixed wing flights - The African panorama is never more breathtaking than when viewed from the air.

The sky's the limit

A truly unique Kenyan adventure! Fly up Mount Kenya to Rotundu, where Prince William popped the question to Kate, for some of the best fly fishing & walking.

"I have ridden up there with a group and the changing flora and fauna is spectacular. It offers something genuinely completely different." - DD Kingscote

Wilderness Exploration

Cycling - Explore this spectacular environment by mountain bike and get up close to big game.

Mount Kenya Fishing Trips - Helicopter up to Mount Kenya's fresh water lakes; Rutundu and Alice, to enjoy world class fishing and striking scenery. The lakes are teaming with trout, fishing is fly only, and catch and release is encouraged.

Horse Riding Safaris - Tailored and flexible riding safaris offer the ultimate horseback experience. Choose between mountain rides, ranch rides, and forest rides, and fly camp or lodges accommodation.

Revival of the Legendary Turkana Bus


Few human influences have changed or affected the timelessness, beauty and traditions of the vibrant peoples of Kenya's Northern Frontier... until now! With proposed pipelines, railways and roads from South Sudan to Manda Bay and oil rigs dotted across the horizon, this stunning landscape and world heritage site is under threat. NOW is certainly the time to see the last vestiges of this vast area before it changes even within the next 10 years...

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