World Rhino Day 2016

September 22 2016

September 22nd 2016 is World Rhino Day and to celebrate this iconic species on this special day we want to send you an update on the Rhinos Without Borders project.

The most exciting news is that they have started to see the results of rhinos being moved into a stress-free world with water and grazing and the full protection of the Botswana government, they have started to produce calves. The imports have produced 3 new calves this last two months (making it 5 so far).

The other exciting new is that they have enough money now to move another 25-30 rhinos, which will take them over the half-way mark of their goal of moving 100. YOU have been a huge part of this success, thank you so much for your efforts.

Today, on World Rhino Day, Rhinos Without Borders and GoPro have a way for you to continue to help them raise the money needed for the second half of these tremendous efforts.

GoPro, the makers of small, action cameras have been very generous in supporting Rhino's Without Borders this last year. GoPro were invited to join the Rhinos Without Borders team at the end of 2015 to document what a live rhino relocation and release actually entailed using their brand new Spherical VR equipment. This was the first time that Virtual Reality had been used in a wildlife capture environment, allowing people to immerse themselves into the action. The video garnered an incredible following on social media and just won the 2016 PURE award for Innovative and Engaging Marketing!

GoPro have pledged to match whatever donations are raised for this project via their platform. That means that anyone who may have been thinking of donating can now have GoPro match their gift pound for pound!

Challenge GoPro to step up and match your donation! 

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