Witness the Great Migration at Olakira Camp, Serengeti

August 01 2016

Olakira Camp is highly recommended for a Serengeti safari in Tanzania. This excellent, small tented camp follows the massive herds of wildebeest to two spectacular locations in the north and south of the Serengeti National Park ensuring a fantastic safari experience.

From December to March, the camp is positioned in the Southern Serengeti which gives access to the annual migration at this time. From July to October Olakira relocates in the northern area of the Serengeti by the Mara border. This enables guests to enjoy some of the best views of the herds migrating over the Mara River in search of the dry grasslands in Kenya. The camp then heads back south in November, following the migration in its course.

As with many migratory camps, the emphasis is not on the camp itself but on the experience of being out in the bush and surrounded by game. Olakira's expert guides and specialist knowledge make this a perfect choice for a family safari holiday or a romantic safari getaway.

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