Where to stay in Arba Minch, Ethiopia

July 26 2015

Arba Minch Tourist Hotel is a good accommodation option located near the airport & bus station in the larger Sikela settlement found at the lower part of the town. 'Ethiopian price' & 'Tourist price' are stated on the rate sheet for all to see, Tourist price being double the Ethiopian price! It has a large sprawling outdoor restaurant with a great selection of local food & drink. It's a very bustling place and has a great atmosphere in the heart of town. The room was basic but comfortable but it was quite noisy as all rooms are on ground level.

Swayne's Hotel located in the slightly more refined Shecha settlement up the hill is a superb place to have a sundowner overlooking the beautiful Abaya & Chamo lakes below. Food was ok but in my opinion, there are better places to eat in town. Traditional Ethiopian dancing is a must see & I experienced some of the moves with the locals at a nearby venue. An interesting series of notes came from musical instruments being played by two men whilst female dancers in traditional dress danced and sang along. They seemed to take a liking to singing to me & 'my husband,’ who indeed was not my husband, just a random guy sitting next to me. The dancing was all about the upper body movement but I didn't want to subject everyone to my poor dancing skills so instead left it to the professionals!

Paradise Lodge is a popular choice of accommodation complete with outdoor swimming pool, bar, restaurant and a local gift shop. Mora Heights is another option with a large selection of rooms and a beautiful outdoor restaurant overlooking the lakes.

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