Where to Experience 3 of The World's Most Iconic Wildlife Events

April 27 2016

We are pleased to offer a unique safari experience in Zambia combining 3 iconic wildlife events - Elephants, Pittas & Bats! This safari cannot be replicated anywhere else in Africa & offers a truly iconic safari experience. Watch the video above for a taste of what these incredible safaris have to offer.

The Elephants of Mfuwe Lodge

The Elephants of South Luangwa National Park return every November and December to Mfuwe Lodge.
On a daily basis you can witness the elephants as they parade through the Mfuwe Lodge reception. 

The African Pitta

Known as the “Jewel of the Jungle”, the African Pitta is as unique as it is elusive.
You will have the opportunity to observe these beautiful birds during their annual migration.

The Stunning Bat Migration

Up to 10 Million Giant Fruit Bats represent the largest mammal migration on Earth.
Moving to Kasanka National Park, you will have a rare occasion to watch as these magnificent bats with a wing span up to .75m begin their annual migration.

There are a number of set departure safaris that showcase these compelling experiences representing the authentic Africa.

2016 Set Departure Group Tour Dates

21 – 29 Nov 2016 South Luangwa

28 Nov – 07 Dec 2016 South Luangwa & Kasanka

30 Nov – 08 Dec 2016 South Luangwa

01 – 10 Dec 2016 South Luangwa & Kasanka

For 2017 dates or for private set departure dates please contact us. We can tailor-make any itinerary to suit your requirements.


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