Underwater Africa: Marine Conservation Mozambique

August 21 2015

It was this uniqueness that first attracted Dr. Andrea Marshall and Dr. Simon Pierce to Tofo to set up the Marine Megafauna Foundation in 2003. Located at the Casa Barry lodge, it has since become a hub for research into marine megafauna and for experiencing the incredible Mozambican marine life. In 2012 the Marine Megafauna Foundation started a structured volunteer research program aimed at involving interested members of the public in the world-class research into marine megafauna. Since then, it’s volunteers have been a vital part of collecting valuable data on marine megafauna, educating the local community and inspiring a love for the ocean among Mozambican youth.

The Underwater Africa volunteer program starts from a 2-week stay and includes activities such as:

  • Get PADI Open Water or Advanced Open Water certified as part of your Underwater Africa dive training. 
  • Contribute to the marine conservation project and activities of the Marine Megafauna Foundation and work together with its renowned scientists in the field of manta rays, whale sharks and other megafauna.
  • Join scientific talks and learn about Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Turtles and other local marine life.
  • Enjoy the incredible “Humpback Whale Express” moving past Tofo bay during June – September.
  • Explore the Inhambane estuary by local sailing boat and monitor the coral health of this unique eco-system.
  • Teaching young Mozambicans the importance of understanding and caring for their marine environment.
  • Assist in creating and presenting educational classes on marine biology, ecology and conservation, rock pool explorations, beach clean-ups, swimming classes and other arts and crafts.
  • Surfing the big waves of Tofinho, whale watching from the Casa Barry restaurant deck or surrounding dunes, or enjoying the dolphin sunset show. 

The combination of a stunning coastline, the laidback atmosphere of Tofo town, the wonderful seafood and dining, and the world-class diving makes this a visit to Mozambique which is hard to forget.

Underwater Africa is run by the Marine Megafauna Foundation and located at the Casa Barry Beach Lodge. It offers programs ranging from 2-weeks to 3-months.

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