Travel Africa's top tips to help you plan your next safari

April 28 2015

DD's top tip for what to pack on safari as featured in Travel Africa magazine:

A spare pair of glasses, an all-purpose charger for your camera battery especially (but for any other devices too), and a waterproof bag that covers your camera - it's useful for all sorts of things, especially in sudden downpours.

Other useful tips:

  • Try and talk to the locals as much as possible - your waiter, driver, guide, street vendor. You'll be surprised how much you can learn from them.
  • Take your sense of adventure, disconnect, and don't even think about Wi-Fi.
  • See the stars. The nocturnal element of safari often gets forgotten, but you'll see the clearest skies of your life in the African bush.
  • Taking your children on a family safari holiday could be one of the most impactful experiences you can give them.
  • Safari dust is part of the experience. Carry some wet wipes to freshen up!
  • For the migration, download the HerdTracker app, a real-time Google map that displays accurate updates of the migrating animals' locations.
  • Enjoy and absorb all the little things; try to understand the different sounds and smells and what they could mean. A safari is a unique experience and will change your whole outlook on life.

For lots more helpful safari tips, check out the latest issue of Travel Africa Magazine.


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