Travel Africa's Guide to South Africa

June 03 2015

Pam McConie, a truly great and enthusiastic person has just finished guiding some Outposts Travel Africa clients who are travelling around Cape Town and the Western Cape enjoying an excellent and varied lovely itinerary. Our clients love food and wine and wanted to get right under the skin of this foodie heaven, the Western Cape, South Africa.

First day was The Cape Town Eats tour where every nook and cranny in the city that relates to good and interesting food, especially local food from different cultures, is explored. Cape Malay cooking, coffee tasting, wine tasting, local initiative pop up restaurant’s. You name it, they tried it.

The following day on their way to stay at the heavenly Bartholomew’s Klip they spent the day on the Riebeek Valley tour. Riebeek Kasteel is very arty, foodie and quirky!!! Amongst other things there is a micro-brewery making beer and cider called Garagista and a restaurant called Bar bar blacksheep whose new chef cooks real local South African tip to tail meat cuts from tripe to hearts and hicks!! Pam said her guests liked olives; thank goodness as this area is hugely about olives!!!

Finally the last tour took them back towards Stellenbosch and on the way they spent a lot of time at the Spice Route. Clients love chocolate and beer so what better place as there is a wonderful chocolatier De Villiers, makers of Artisan Chocolate, (which I can vouch for myself) and an excellent brewery making unique beer varieties that you can of course try. Lunch at Bertus Basson’s (of Oveture fame) newly opened restaurant.

Then onto Stellenbosch via Ernie Els for more wine tasting.

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