Travel Africa supports Nepal Quake : FREE Street Kitchen

May 14 2015

Thousands are out in the open after the quake with little shelter and food, and no belongings. They need immediate, practical, help. 

Hamish has currently raised over £15,000 of his £20,000 target via his gofundme pagePlease help him reach his target. DONATE NOW.

His latest update:

Thanks so much to the many who wrote mails etc about this. Minutes after the quake I found myself face to face with the BBC. I can't remember what I was asked, or how I answered. Nerves were somewhat frayed as you can imagine. I'm afraid I was probably too overwhelmed to make any sense. Main thing is I mentioned the kitchen - so thanks for those who confirmed that!
Right, back to work. 400 to lunch in an hour! Yikes!

- Hamish Fulton


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