Tanzania Travel Review | Travel Africa clients June 2018

June 06 2018

Outposts Travel Africa has recently arranged a tailor-made itinerary to Tanzania for some lovely American clients. We aimed to create a wonderful journey for this couple to remember incorporating off the beaten track locations, excellent guiding and magnificent wildlife sightings to encapsulate Tanzania.

We put together an itinerary that encompassed the north and south of Tanzania. They arrived in country last Sunday and have so far had a wonderful experience staying at the award winning Gibb's Farm located in Karatu, Northern Tanzania. They are now visting the Ngorongoro Crater and are brimming with excitement. So much so that we had to share some of their feedback so far:

"I am really here. I have to pinch myself. 

Surprisingly, there's Wi-Fi at the picnic place in the crater, (!!!!) where we stopped to enjoy the lunch packed for us by the camp staff. Had an amazing morning and were very lucky to see hyenas steal a lion's kill; 3 lions sharing a kill and the absolute best so far, 2 huge male lions, likely brothers, greeting each other about 5 feet from our vehicle, then one of them just sitting there looking around for a meal. I had tears in my eyes looking at this magnificent animal, so close to us. Something I'll never forget.

Of course there are lots of pictures and video, to be shared later. Saw elephant, hyenas, wildebeest, various types of gazelles, hypos, warthog, female lions with cubs sleeping in the sun, buffalo, jackals, zillion birds of all kinds including flamingos, crowned cranes, ibises, etc., etc. Absolutely amazing and moving experience."

We're now back at Lemala.  Our guide, Baraka, is wonderful, very knowledgeable and his driving skills are beyond belief. The stuff he drove through today was hair raising. We left at 6:30, came back around 3:30. A spectacular and amazing place to experience. Once again thanks for guiding us in planning this trip - so far, outstanding. Brava!!!"

~ Mr & Mrs K, travelling in Tanzania now!

We're receiving wonderful daily updates from these clients detailing their journey through northern Tanzania. Next stop...the Serengeti staying at Asilia's Ubuntu Camp to follow the wildebeest migration as they cross the vast plains of the Serengeti in an ancient migration cycle.

More to follow...

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