Staying at Babylonstoren

March 01 2015

We were lucky enough to be shown around by Gunulda who was in charge of the gardens and produce; there was nothing she did not know. She brought passion and freshness to the tour. We all learnt a lot, eating and smelling many new plants and herbs, understanding their medicinal uses as well as what should be planted next to what. This garden is full of old species, new species, edible plants and fruits and is totally organic. Nothing is wasted, even the pulp from the olives and grapes left over from the other businesses running concurrently are used as compost and a herd of ducks are the snail eaters. Ingenious and inspirational.

Meanwhile Robert and Michael had discovered the bicycles one can borrow as a resident, and Robert found he had mobility, despite his very angry hip, awaiting imminent replacement. The garden walk forgotten, they went exploring.

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