Selinda Adventure Trail in Botswana

November 22 2017

The Selinda Spillway – one of the most untamed and alluring regions within Botswana’s northern territories and home to a diverse array of wildlife and birdlife species. This exquisite wildlife area lies between the Okavango Delta panhandle in the west, and the Linyanti Swamps in the east, and it is here, along the floodplains of the Selinda Spillway, that the Selinda Adventure Trails takes place.

As with all natural environments, we continually learn from our experiences of them, adapting to the varied annual and seasonal changes, shifting with the ever-changing ebb and flow of the natural world.

The Great Plains Selinda Adventure Trails season in 2017 has certainly been the most successful to date, with guests who participated, walking or canoeing away with exceptional encounters and life long memories of a truly authentic adventure, encapsulated within this incredible wilderness. In 2018, the trail will continue to replicate the safari experiences of old, charting a course along the Selinda Spillway and into the remote woodlands of the vast 320,000 acre Selinda Reserve. Mindful of the climatic variances and changes that occur naturally in these remote ecosystems, Great Plains have adapted the experience for 2018 to a 4 day / 3 night adventure with the following departures taking place:

Focused on the adventure activities of canoeing and / or walking, days are spent exploring the side channels of the Selinda Spillway or exploring the area on foot with your professional guide whilst following a similar route (should the spillway be dry or too shallow to canoe). Whilst no previous canoeing or walking safari experience is required, participants must be fit enough to paddle their own canoes and should be prepared to walk between camps when water levels are sufficiently not high enough.

For those longing to fully immerse themselves into a wild African landscape, and keen to embrace physical activity and cultural exchanges as core aspects of your safari experience, the Selinda Adventure Trails is the ideal journey to add to any Botswana itinerary.

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