Safari Sightings, Botswana

May 21 2015

From cheetah cubs to leopards to sable antelope - here's an update on the latest wildlife sightings across Botswana by Kwando Safaris:

Kwara Concession - A lioness and her two sub-adult cubs attempted to hunt the wildebeest and zebras that were grazing on the Kwara floodplain. The next day, two lionesses with six youngsters tried their luck hunting tsessebe close to River Road, but they were unsuccessful on this occasion, but later in the evening, we found the same lions tucked away behind the Kwara staff village hunting impala! This time they had more success, and were able to catch one.

Lagoon - The elephant herds are back in the area again, after disappearing for a short while just after the heavy rains. Probably feeling like a very large group of yo-yos this year, the elephants have been to-ing and fro-ing into the mopane bushveld as the weather patterns become increasingly confusing.

Lebala - Five lions were found at Wild Dog Pan feeding on a warthog – although an adult,  a warthog divided by 5 adult lions does not go very far… so there was a lot of snarling and shoving to get a piece of the action. The same day a leopard was found near Baobab Pan, lying along the road.

Nxai Pan - We had a nice sighting of a family of eight bat eared foxes, a honey badger digging out furiously after something, and plenty of black backed jackals calling to each other.

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