Rock Church Wonders of Lalibela, Ethiopia

August 06 2015

A 2 night stay in Lalibela is a must to truly appreciate your visit. I stayed at the beautiful Maribela Hotel located on the mountain side, each room with a balcony overlooking the endless views over the surounding landscape. I visited the mind blowing rock-hewn churches all built below ground level and they aren't just carved into the rock but freed from it. Some of the churches had giant roofing structures built by Unesco looming over them to protect the rock underneath.

There were so many churches, all intricately carved and I couldn't quite get my head around the fact that each one was formed from one piece of rock. The churches are grouped into three areas located a short walk from each other. Resting on its own, St George's Church is probably the most famous and most visually perfect constructed in the shape of a Greek cross.

I'd also recommend a visit to the wacky Ben Abeba restaurant which serves tradtional Ethiopian food, beautifully presented with spectacular views from a choice of dining options.

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