Riz - Sustainable swim shorts made from plastic bottles

February 16 2017

Riz Boardshorts pride themselves in making beautiful shorts, tailored for both land and sea. We at Outposts Travel Africa love the fact that every pair of Riz shorts is crafted from 100% recycled and recyclable fabrics. Based in London, Riz launched in 2009 as a more sustainable and satorical approach to men's swimshorts. They are digitally printed in Manchester and made in Portugal.

Their ultimate aspiration is to turn ocean and beach plastics, the water bottles that end up floating in the sea or littering beaches, into swim shorts. They have found a way to transform waste and old swimwear into beautiful new products.

'SOULFUL YET SATORIAL - The most beautiful and sustainable swim shorts in the world'

Riz are also working with The Marine Conservation Society and other partners to hold beach clean-ups where they hope to gather up to 50,000 plastic bottles. For every pair of shorts sold, Riz will donate £3 directly to marine conservation.

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