Riding Safari in Kenya with DD Kingscote - New Video

April 03 2017

Travel Africa Director, DD Kingscote, has recently returned from a successful Riding Safari in Kenya with a group of clients. Organised through Safaris (Un) Limited Africa, DD and her group spent a week in Laikipia, a vast expanse of wild country in the central highlands of Kenya rich with fascinatingly diverse cultures, scenic landscapes and abundant wildlife. They traversed three of the greater Laikipia conservancies including Lolldaiga, Ole Naishu and Borana on horseback.

DD has written an article detailing her Riding Safari experience below.

'My Sort of Therapy' by DD Kingscote

"It's hard to describe the little bit of magic that happens for me when I put my foot down in Africa, especially Kenya, the land of my birth. It's like taking off a heavy winter overcoat and revealing the skin underneath. There are places in Kenya that are so “right" that they bring comfort to one's very soul. So you can see that I am biased before I even begin to tell you about my kind of therapy".

The article is also published on Equine Info Exchange.

Please contact DD if you are interested in joining a Riding Safari in Africa. Whether you're a novice or an experienced rider, she can suggest a Riding Safari to suit your ability and requirements.

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