Reasons to visit Zimbabwe in the Green Season

October 14 2016

The ‘Green Season’ is the rainy season in Zimbabwe & it runs from mid-November to April. The arrival of the rains transform the landscape into a mosaic of greens, migrant birds arrive and animals have their babies. The green season tends to have warm, sunny days with afternoon/evening showers that end as quickly as they begin. Fewer people visit at this time of year so there are lower rates and great savings! 

  • Great Birding- Migratory birds are here and in full breeding plumage.
  • Baby Animals- this one needs no explanation!
  • Substantial Savings- many lodges have reduced rates and waive single supplements. 
  • Victoria Falls is at its peak flow around April but the waters start rising in February. 
  • Photography- Dramatic cloud formations, soft light and vibrant foliage. 
  • Fewer Travellers mean you have the place and attentive staff to yourself.

Zimbabwe – Conservation & Wildlife Fund

We are at a crucial time when, in just 3 years, some African nations have lost over half their elephants; tens of thousands of wild lions have been killed in recent decades and an huge numbers of rhinos are killed every day. Concerned conservationists and stake holders of Zimbabwe’s Hwange region have created the Conservation & Wildlife Fund (CWF). The fund works with stakeholders, including conservation groups and local communities to raise awareness and providetools to manage Zimbabwe’s precious wildlife.Guests at the following Camps in Hwange support the CWF: The Hide, African Bush Camps, the Amalinda Collection and Elephant's Eye.

Outposts Travel Africa can tailormake your holiday to Zimbabwe. If you are interested in taking advantage of the Green Season offers and supporting the Conservation & Wildlife Fund, simply contact us and we'll put together an itinerary to suit you.


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