Olive Garden Country Lodge, Ashton

February 27 2015

To finish our time at Olive Garden Guest House. Gina and Ferdinand, our hosts work so hard with this guest house and a growing olive oil business. They are the cooks too and as much produce as possible is nurtured on their farm, ensuring fresh and healthy meals. They have a purist attitude to "green" and dinner was testament to this with each course being an inventive way to present the freshest of fresh on your plate, especially if it included the excellent home grown olive oil. I had no idea olive oil could be eaten with so many things. We drank organic wine too, which was delicious.

They can sleep 16 here, with a few extra places for younger children as required. Our room was defiantly the family room, being a plainer and more utilitarian than the others. Each cottage has an ensuite bath and shower and the honeymoon cottage has a jacuzzi bath. There is a good verandah for sitting out and some have options for self catering to suit the South African family.

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