Nuarro Lodge - Diving in Mozambique

September 27 2017

Located on the shores of the warm and azure Indian Ocean in northern Mozambique, lies the remotely, but specifically chosen Nuarro Lodge. Backed by the wild Mozambican bush, fringed with old and established baobab trees to the back; and fronted by the calm and aquamarine bay of Nanatha, the lodge is peppered along a more than 2km-long, powdery-white beach in the middle. Built from natural materials, by the local community, makes the environmentally sensitive. Nuarro Lodge, the ideal venue in which to relax and unwind in these equally pristine surroundings. Nuarro Lodge is all about friendly people, top-class activities and fantastic food, showcasing a spectacular, pristine environment in the most responsible way possible!

Did you know?  Nuarro Lodge is the ONLY lodge in Mozambique offering rebreather courses, diving with underwater scooters, glow diving and whale watching with hydrophones.

Diving at Nuarro - Life is Good Underwater

Nuarro is in the Nanatha Half Moon Bay at the southern point of the larger Memba Bay on the Baixo do Pinda Peninsula. The peninsula is linked to the mainland by a kilometre-long spit and is very close to the continental shelf. Nanatha Bay allows divers entry from the shore and provides a natural buffer against the prevailing currents. It has a gradually sloping bottom topography that slips away towards the start of the shelf, which sits just 200m from the beach. Dive conditions are usually good because Nuarro is protected from the prevailing winds. Visibility can be greater than 40m and never falls below 10m as there is no run-off from rivers, for one thing.

Nuarro will also soon be unveiling a new bush and beach path to explore! Why not start your adventure with a bush picnic or a bush breakfast. Explore the newly accessed private beaches and the beautiful sites by bike or our well-travelled landcruiser followed by tea / coffee on the salt pans or a gin tonic on one of the private beaches.

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