Mymering Wine & Guesthouse Estate, Ladismith

February 26 2015

Andy took us for a morning walk with his pack of dogs, around the immaculate vineyards and up onto the hilly scrubland which was covered in a mass of fynbos varieties and overshadowed by the Swartzberg Mountains. Looking from the high point at the verdant vineyards nestled below it seemed a miracle that such abundance and sweetness could come from this dry area. Fingers crossed rain is on its way.

Breakfast was up to the now expected and much enjoyed high standards and we were sad to pack up and depart. Stay 2 days if you can and explore the mountains a bit more than we did.

Penny said we MUST drive up the "Sewer weeks poort " (Seven weeks pass) before heading on towards our next destination. It was a good call; what an amazing exhibition of earths geology, with massive folds showing in huge rocks towering above us as we drove up, and down the pass. A WOW moment!

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