Monkeying Around in the Simien Mountains

August 04 2015

July/August is not the best time to visit the Simien Mountains as there’s a lot of cloud cover and its cold and rainy but despite this I managed to squeeze in a short trek. I happened to stumble upon some Gelada Monkeys and had a very surreal experience sat amongst a whole family of them whilst they went about their daily lives.

Simien Lodge, located within the park, stands at 3260m making it Africa’s highest hotel. Although the Lodge was officially closed for the season, I did manage to pay a visit to the highest bar in Africa & can say I used the highest toilet in Africa! According to my guide, the best time of year to visit is November when the temperature rises and cloud cover is minimal. A 10day trek here would be ideal, camping at different campsites along the route with a knowledgeable guide and a great group of people to share it with!

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